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Ophoria’s Finger Vibe

finger vibe

The Ophoria Finger Vibe is a great idea for a sex toy.  It is made of silicone, and features a pinpoint vibrator with a comfortable finger loop to allow you to place the tip just where you want it.  I love this little vibe, it is so cute.

However, try as I might, I could not get off with it.  The vibrations, although fast, were not as powerful as I would like.  It got me to a certain point, and then I simply phased out and couldn’t feel it anymore.  It is probably the quietest  vibe I have ever owned, and is similar in design to the Fukuoku, another vibe that has fast vibrations, a finger held design, but could not get me off.

I’m not sure.  Maybe there is just not enough room in these type of vibes to make them stronger.  They are such a great idea, but unless they build them with more power, most seasoned masturbators would have a hard time getting off with them.

However, these might be perfect for those just discovering their clitoris for the first time.  And, they are cute as hell.  If you like mild vibrations in a very discreet, fun looking, funky colored toy, the Ophoria Finger Vibe is the sex toy for you.  In fact, I recommend that they give these out at Planned Parenthood clinics with condoms to young women as an alternative to having partner sex.  Who knows, if young women were taught to masturbate, maybe they wouldn’t be having sex so young?  At the very least, it would educate them about their own bodies and their sexual responses which is always a good thing.  If I had a daughter, I would give her one of these (as well as condoms) and a good talk about the sexuality, beyond the Birds and the Bees.

Ophoria does make many beautifully designed sex toys, so check them out, including my favorite G-spot toy the Beyond.

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4 Responses

  1. Epiphora says:

    I loooove the rainbow colors, but was afraid of vibration strength. Argh.

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