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Fairy Mini Wand Collection

fairy mini wand

I do admit to being a bit jaded when it comes to sex toys.  So when told me they were sending me the Fairy Mini Wand, and that it was hailed as being as powerful as the Hitachi, I was intrigued, but dubious.  I thought, wouldn’t that be great if they could make a much smaller, lightweight mini-massager that was as powerful as the Hitachi!

And, the Fairy Mini Wand is quite small.  About the same size as a classic vibrator, it measures slightly over 7 inches in length, and is only 3 ounces!  Try holding the Hitachi in one hand for comparison at 12 ½ inches in length and 3 pounds.  Big difference!

So, I was impressed by the Fairy’s size and weight, but would it deliver six thousand intense vibes a minutes and rock my socks off like the Hitachi.  Well, it actually does more.  It is a Japanese-made massager, and Japanese vibrators, IMHO, are always high quality and powerful.  The motor in this mini is hardcore and instead of 2 speeds, which is what the Hitachi has, I counted 11 speeds from mild to crazy intense as you move up the dial on this massager.   In addition, the Hitachi vibrates at 6000 rpm on max, while the Fairy vibrates at 12500 rpm on max, so quite a considerable difference in vibrating power.

Is the Fairy Mini Wand more powerful than the Hitachi?  I would say, “Yes, absolutely!”  In fact, I only used it on half-speed as the max setting was just too crazy for me, at least the first few times I tried it.  The reason it can compare with the Hitachi, is that it comes with a plug-in AC adapter power pack and plugs into your outlet, just like the Hitachi.  You can also get the Fairy Wand with a portable battery pack as well, which I also received.  It was still just as powerful using the battery pack with fresh new batteries as it was when plugged into the wall.  And, the cool thing is that it comes with both, so you have the option of using it away from a plug-in, which you can’t do with the original Hitachi.

The head of the Fairy Mini Wand is much like the Hitachi, yet smaller.  It is round and covered with a soft silicone-like material (which I’m pretty sure is silicone, but the manufacturer’s writing was in Japanese, so I couldn’t ascertain the material).  The head pivots on a flexible neck so it perfect for hitting all your sweet spots and for serious massage if you were so inclined.

And, while it is amazing to use just by itself (I had a screaming orgasm in under 1 minute the first time with it!), the Fairy Mini Wand can be purchased with two small attachments: the Clitoral Cup which is curved and features pleasure nubs, and the Mini Penis attachment that turns it into a dual-action vibrator for G-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

This is the best vibrating sex toy massager I have ever owned in terms of power and getting me off.  Every time I have had an orgasm with it I screamed out loudly and I’m sure my neighbors must have heard me. I am usually the silent, mild moaning type, but this vibe made me scream, and I just couldn’t help it!   It is totally awesome, and I would recommend it over the Hitachi, something I never do.  The Fairy Mini Wand is like the Hitachi on steroids with Viagra, and is an orgasm-inducing machine.

Currently, the Fairy Mini Wand Collection (with the mini attachments) has sold out at (that’s how popular it is!) but you can still get the Fairy Mini Wand with the two adapters.  Trust me, this is the best vibe I have ever owned and I have over 200 sex toys, so that is saying a lot.  I don’t have an affiliate program with MyPleasure, so if you buy it I get nothing but the satisfaction that you can enjoy the same explosive orgasms that I have had with this product.  Happy Orgasms!

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7 Responses

  1. Epiphora says:

    Hell yes! I completely agree, and I will also be recommending the Fairy over the Hitachi, unless of course the Fairy dies on me. I don’t agree that the AC power is the same as the battery power, though. It starts out feeling the same, but on AC power the vibrations go much higher.

    • Domina Doll says:

      Don’t say die! Oh, I hope my Fairy never dies, I’m so in love with it. I actually bought some high performance batteries for this, as I wanted to have a true test of strength and I’ve been having problems with batteries dying quickly on me lately. So, I bought the kind that go in high performance gadgets that cause a lot of drain, and found that the battery pack did have the same intensity. However, I’m sure even with these that that intensity would be short lived and you are right, the plug-in adapter is the way to go with this toy. I’m going to be investing in high performance rechargeable batteries and a recharger soon. This is something that sex toy companies should sell: hint hint! I just haven’t figured out which ones are best yet… Any recommendations?

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