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Suiting your Sexcapades: What sort of Escort would be best for you?

While the idea of meeting an Escort may be a topic that you want to keep on a “hush-hush” basis, sometimes it is best to be a little brash in order to come to a full understanding about the things we want. Everyone has a unique kink that they need help being satisfied. That is why if you are looking for someone to rekindle your sauciest desires, then you may want to consider looking for a gorgeous escort. An Adult Companion is a perfect person to release all of your sexiest fantasies too. You just need to ensure that you have hired the perfect lady to satisfy all of your desires and more.

What is an Escort?

Before we jump into the different types of escorts there are to hire, it is important to distinguish what sort of services an escort actually provides. The main reason why the Escorting Service is such a controversial one is due to its similarity to the world of Prostitution. However, in order to distinguish them, the has defined both professions. It has said that:

“A prostitute is approached just for fulfilling sexual desires. An Escort is a service by beautiful women and handsome men who are hired for entertainment purposes.”

The last thing you want to do is insult your Escort by comparing them to a Prostitute. Whether you are seeing an independent companion or are going to an agency, such as FoxyBabes, to find your perfect match, you should never ever make them feel like their very meaning is to be a slave to your desires. You are there to actually get to know them and experience the essence of a romantic relationship. This means that you are more than welcome to take your beautiful escort out on a date.

Unlike a Prostitute who is there to solely fulfill your basic sexual needs, your Escort will listen to you and take into your account all of your kinks and desires. Not only are they a professional entertainer, but your companion understands how to remain flexible in their approach to sex. That way they can deliver your sexual fantasy every time. So be sure to be open and honest with them, for your sexual companion is there to make you feel sexually, emotionally and romantically satisfied.

What sort of Companions are there?

Remember, that while your Escort can fully satisfy you, it is up to you to let her know your main desires and interests. This is because if she is planning to indulge in your fantasies, she will need the time and knowledge to make sure everything goes perfectly. Not only will this mean that she will need time to get into character (aka, a role play character or a certain sexual personality) but if you want props or costumes, then you will need to give her time to get fully in the mood to pleasure you.

Give your Escort enough time to get ready, then she will be ready to take you on an erotic journey to discover what sexual fulfillment truly is. Here are some of the best personas that your Escort can provide you to inflame your passions.

The Innocent

There is nothing sexier than an Escort who has the face of a virginal angel, but the experience needed to provide you with a night of promised promiscuity. This is the sort of Escort who is able to give you a mix of a Girl-Friend-Experience as well as innocence.

There is something truly pleasurable in watching an innocent companion writhing in pleasure beneath you. This is because you will be the one in control of the situation, the guiding force that will be able to tease and pamper your escort into a sweet orgasm. With an Innocent Escort, you are there fully take care of her, to make sure that her beautiful light is never quelled and that you can keep her safe as her protector. While these feelings may be as a result of a fantasy persona, you will always feel satisfied knowing that you have met a beauty who is able to mold herself into a big-eyed and bubbly lady, the perfect “virginal” beauty who you can fully look after.

The Temptress

We have all seen the movies where there is a smouldering, dark-eyed beauty that seduces the hero into committing a number of naughty misdemeanors. While you may not want your temptress to be extreme to the point of completely dominating, you want her to be the epitome of womanly sexuality.

Your Temptress will be ready to light your fire with sexy lingerie and tiny dresses that highlight her perfect body and face. Once she has you in her clutches, then she will always be an active participant in relation to the romance that unfurls during the night. Your Tigress will guide you through what actions please her and will give you a true porn-star experience when it comes to the sex itself.

You will always feel like a femme-fatale has swept you off your feet when you have met such a sexually ferocious escort. However, it is up to you in regards to how much you actually want your escort to take control. Always be sure to discuss it before you dive into the bedroom. After all, with a temptress personality accompanying you for the night, you may even want to include a little role play to add a little extra spice to your night.

The Girl-Next-Door

If you are after a little hint of normalcy to your evening, for instance, romantic lovemaking or vanilla sex, then you may want to consider a Girlfriend Experience or finding an Escort with “The-Girl-Next-Door” sort of appearance.

The Girl-Next-Door has always been a fantasy woman who holds an essence of home but also has the body of a goddess. She is beautiful, has a welcoming and comforting personality, but also has a very wholesome feeling to her overall personality. Being held in her arms can make you feel like you are in a place of safety, after all, it is someone who you have managed to create a connection with through intimate sex. However, it can also give you the chance to experience a little ego boost from the fact that you have bedded a woman of her standard.

The Girl-Next-Door personality is fantastic for newcomers who have just recently become Escort-Users (aka. Punters). Not only can it provide comfort in the bedroom, as the sex will be soft and loving, but it can also make any client feel like they are emotionally bonding with a good lady on a date. The very essence of “dirtiness” is removed from the meeting; thus you will remain calm and relax around your escort.

The Fantasy Babe

The best thing about hiring an Escort is in how versatile her sexual personas can actually be. You may be after something that’s a little more unique than just a sexy temptress or submissive persona. You may want something that actually belongs in the realms of the imagination rather than a specific stereotypical archetype of a woman.

Do not be embarrassed to admit that you are after something a little more specific. Even if you feel a little bit awkward, your escort is there to listen and offer you the best method to fulfill all of your fantasies. Whether you want a magical elf creature in your bed, or want to roleplay out a rough and ready pirate that is ready to steal a gorgeous beauty, or shall we say “plunder the booty”, then your companion would be happy to see this fantasy through to the end.

Communication will ensure that you get the perfect situation to suit all of your sexual needs and more. So never feel embarrassed or awkward. Admit your feelings to your escort and she would be happy to slowly ease you into the sexual situation to ensure your comfort and happiness.

The Ultimate Dom and Sub

Once you have spoken to your Companion about your interests, then you may want to start considering whether or not you (or your escort) want to assume a dominate or submissive role. When you hire an Escort, she will come with a wide range of experiences, toys and outfits to make sure that you are satisfied during the mood. She will never judge you on what your preference is, or how extreme you want the sexual treatment to go, for instance, if you like the idea of Pegging, Dildos or Bondage Harnesses. But always ensure that you and your companion have discussed safe words and what your limits are in regards to your treatment.

Remember that while your Companion would be happy to offer you sexual services, they are still a human being. They will have their own limits as to what they would be happy to do. So be sure to discuss safe words before you indulge in any BDSM, Pain play or Humiliation Play. Your Companion will have experience with both sexual roles, so would be happy to indulge you as a smouldering mistress, a sexy servant or any other unique categories that fall in the middle.

The Comforter

Not all Sexual Encounters need to be completely about sex. After all, intimacy is simply about bodily contact and the idea of having someone in the bed beside you. Instead, your Escort will be there to provide a sense of comfort to you, presenting you her truly vulnerable side to make you feel more comfortable.

If you are currently in a situation that is extremely stressful, such as a divorce, a highly pressurized job or are just experiencing personal problems, your companion is ready to comfort you in your time of need. Her body is a temple that will shield you from the cruel world, that way you can simply relax and open yourself up to her. If there is anything on your mind, then your companion will be ready to listen to you. Talking to your companion is an extremely cathartic experience, thus you will find all of your emotions flooding out to the point where you can feel completely calm.

What matters to your companion is that you feel happy at the end of your encounter. Your emotional happiness is just as important as any sexual intimacy on the date. That means whether you want soft sex, gentle cuddling or spooning or just plan to talk throughout your encounter, your Escort will be here to fully support your decision.

A Plethora of Personas are at your Fingertips

Deciding on your Escort’s Sexual Persona is something that should be personal to you. Your Companion is here to please you and will never judge you on any of the sexual kinks you may have. That is why you should always remain open and honest with her so that she knows how to fully satisfy you. Take your time when discussing how you want your Companion to act around you. For your Escort is a professional and will always put your desires as the main feature of the night. However, if you start the night and realize that what you have asked for is just not your cup of tea, do not be scared to bring it up. Communication is key to having a good night, so if you are uncomfortable about anything during the date, be sure to bring it up and it will be quickly rectified.

Happy Lovemaking!

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