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Clitoral or G-spot?


I have mainly been a clitoral masturbator for most of my life and have become quite a pro at it. But, when you review sex toys as much as I do (which requires a lot of masturbation–hey, I’m not complaining!) then masturbating can become rather bland at times. Sometimes you masturbate too often and your clitoris can become desensitized so it takes longer to orgasm, or sometimes your orgasms are only a quick peaking pleasure that doesn’t always satisfy and leaves you wanting more. That why, for me it is important to experience variety and different types of orgasm, other than clitoral.

During the last few weeks I did a vibrator round-up on my favorite clitoral vibe the Pocket Rocket and reviewed 9 different ones to see which was the best in my Pocket Rocket Round-up Reviews. The rest of this month I am focusing on my G-spot and reviewing G-spot toys along with Deborah Sundahl’s amazing book: “Female Ejaculation & the G-spot” (review coming this week!). I have actually officially christened August to be G-spot month!

I have known of the existence of my G-spot since my twenties with the help of my first really good lover who had a perfectly curved G-spot cock.

“My first experience happened in my twenties, with a boyfriend who had awakened my body to the pleasures of orgasm. I can remember being intoxicated by sexual pleasure and abandoning myself to those sensations, my pleasure-censoring self-critic silenced in my mind behind a cloud of sensory euphoria. My whole being was focused on the experience of getting fucked, as my spot was rammed by his exquisitely designed cock. I remember feeling a mounting pressure as if I were going to pee, but my mind was so far removed, I ignored it. Then I gushed all over the sheets as intense climax shook through my body in waves and ripples. Neither my boyfriend or I knew what had just happened to me. Inspection of the fluid on the soaked sheets revealed that it was clear, thicker than water, and didn’t smell like urine. I had just experienced a G-spot ejaculation, but it would be many years later before I knew what it was called.”–from my article Yes Virginia, There is a G-spot.

Then, about a year ago I started reviewing more G-spot sex toys beginning with the Curve, and exploring my G-spot more. Although I enjoyed the feeling of a G-spot orgasm, I still went back routinely to my trusty old clitoris for those quick, tension-release orgasms I was used to. It was not until a couple months ago, when I started reading Sundahl’s book that I really began to experience my G-spot fully, enjoy much more pleasure from it, and truly awaken my body to the possibilities of g-spot orgasm and crazy gushing ejaculations. No more flukey spurts, I was finally in control over my G-spot and experiencing amazing ejaculations.

“I’m sitting on the floor with a towel under me, soft music playing, incense and a candle lit, my legs propped up in a squat and leaning against a comfy chair. In front of me is a full length mirror and I can see my pussy, my clitoris, urethra, vulva, vagina opening… I begin going through the exercise of looking at and exploring my G-spot: opening up my vagina and using a flashlight to see the bumpy swell of engorging flesh, probing, stroking and feeling the edges of my G-spot bulge. This goes on for several minutes as the exercise has many steps, before you start to arouse yourself.

I am breathing very deeply and each time I breath in I feel my PC muscles clench, with each exhale my G-spot protrudes even more. I continue stroking with one hand and reading as I go through the various steps. I am now voluntarily clenching and unclenching my PC muscles with each breath, while my fingers massage | press | release in a repetitive pattern on my G-spot. I am not really aroused, only curious as I feel my G-spot swelling with fluid and beginning to feel as if it will burst.

Then Wham! I take my fingers out and squirt all over the mirror and keep squirting a waterfall of spurts with each breath and squeeze of my PC muscles. My hands are on my belly, I’m not stimulating but I squirt and squirt and squirt.”— from my post Female Ejaculation without Orgasm!

Deborah Sundahl says that there are three type of orgasms: Clitoral, G-spot (or blended vaginal orgasm), and deep Uterine orgasms. I have maybe experienced a deep Uterine orgasm once or twice, but they are the hardest to achieve. Most women have experienced Clitoral and some G-spot. Sundahl also notes that G-spot and Uterine orgasms usually happen later in life (30s & 40s) while clitoral orgasms are easier to achieve when younger.

So. What is your preference? Clitoral or G-spot and why? Have you explored your G-spot much, or are you just learning? Have G-spot orgasms been elusive for you, or easy to obtain? Do you still enjoy clitoral orgasms as much after achieving G-spot orgasms now? What are your experiences, techniques, tips?

Please comment and share your thoughts and ideas!

Happy G-spot and Clitoral Orgasms to all!

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3 Responses

  1. Adriana says:

    At first I was going to say I hadn’t experienced G-spot orgasm but I have according to Sudahl’s blended definition. It’s definitely different when I’m working both places but it doesn’t feel like a pure G-spot orgasm to me nor does it fit most definitions (the whole body experience).
    .-= Adriana´s last blog ..Fun Factory Curve =-.

    • Domina Doll says:

      Well, you probably have. It is more likely that they don’t fit anyone’s else definition of what a G-spot orgasm feels like. The way people feel is soooo individual, and so hard to articulate I think. And, perhaps they were not very strong G-spot orgasms. Not every G-spot orgasm will give you a whole body experience, those are just the really good ones. Some are weak, or only half-realized. I find when I have one if I keep masturbating, I have more powerful ones after the first until I have a real good one and get too weak to continue. Kind of like clitoral, if you keep going after the first release you can have multiple tremors/orgasms. So, keep experimenting with it. I also noticed if I am doing clit stim with G-spot my G-spot orgasms are not as strong if I orgasm clitorally first too. So that might be something. I find it better to warm up with clitoral until I get almost to the brink, then stop and continue with G-spot alone, have my G-spot orgasm then continue with the clit if I can stand any more pleasure! Or if you are really skilled, have them both together, but the G-spot has to be ready for that to happen simultaneously. And, I guess I need more hands!

  1. September 13, 2009

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