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StarBurst by Vibratex


I <3 Pocket Rockets. They are some of the best clitoral vibrators on the market and the Star Burst by Vibratex (the guys who made the famous Rabbit Habit of Sex and the City fame?) has been on my wish list for a while. I had the Original Rocket Rocket for many years before upgrading to a newer, more powerful type.

The Star Burst is a wand-style rocket that is longer and much more powerful than the Original Pocket Rocket [my review], about the same size and power as the Pocket Rocket Plus [my review]. Actually, it is almost exactly like the Pocket Rocket Plus except it only features 1 speed: (on) | (off), which is about the highest setting on the 3-speed Plus. Like the Plus, it also takes 2 AA batteries (which is why the power is comparable). So it is a step up from the Original, but about half the price of the Pocket Rocket Booster [my review], which is the fully loaded caddy of the Pocket Rocket world.

The Star Burst also comes with 2 jelly sleeved “ticklers” that fit over the head if you are inclined to use them. I really am not very fond of jelly or sleeves and prefer the hard surface of plastic as it transfers vibrations better, so use it without. The Starburst, unlike the Original or the Plus is waterproof, which is totally cool because you can use it in the shower or hot tub. This is perhaps the only advantage it has over the Pocket Rocket Plus and Rocket Booster. So if you are looking for a Pocket Rocket type vibe that delivers more than the Original, but doesn’t cost as much as the Booster, the Starburst by Vibratex is a great option. Although the Booster is a bit more expensive, I do recommend it over all Pocket Rocket type vibes however, if you are looking for the ultimate in power and variation.

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