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Review- Wet for Her Two

It is not too often that a toy company comes up with a really new idea.  I mean sex toys are sex toys right?  How innovative can you get with a dildo or vibrator?  Well, Parisian sex toy company, Wet for Her has done just that.  Created a new type of sex toy, and get this, designed for lesbians only.


So what is it?  It’s a dildo; no wait, a sleeve; hold on, an extender… for your fingers?  No, it’s SuperFingers, the dildo of silicone that is designed to extend your fingers during lesbian finger banging sex.  Actually, it’s called the Two, but I liked SuperFingers as it went with my Superman parody.


To begin, I’d like to say that I was not overly impressed when I first saw the Two.  It is a silicone sleeve, 5 ½” in length, that is hollow at one end where you insert two fingers, and solid at the end, where you bang your GF.  It is not especially sexy, in fact, it is rather odd looking (a sex toy that looks like fingers is not overly attractive to me).  And, I seriously didn’t see how it could replace my own fingers in a latex glove and do any better of a job.  I mean, you don’t need 5 ½” fingers to hit the G-spot, which is only 1-2” inside the vagina.


So, the Two sat on my desk for a few weeks, and every once in a while I’d go look at it, thinking I better try it out for review, and then think, ah, maybe later.  I truly was not that excited by it.


Finally I took the plunge, as I had to review it.  So, I assembled my tools of the trade: water-based lube, a small clitoral vibe, my Liberator blanket, my favorite grrl porn and the Two.  I warmed myself up with the vibe and porn, and then slid the Two on my fingers.  A bit of lube and I was ready to roll.


Insertion was easy, as the Two, like real fingers, is tapered.  The silicone material felt great inside, and also stayed nice a firm so it was easy to direct it, like a silicone dildo.  What I noticed right away, is that, yes, the Two was just like an extension of my fingers.  It felt intuitive and almost natural, and was easy to manipulate to just the perfect spot to get my G-spot stimulated.  Actually, it felt AMAZING on my G-spot and I soon forgot all my misconceptions about the toy, as I squirted to multiple body quaking orgasms that left me weak and trembling.


So, while the Two may not look very impressive, it is sure to surprise you once you try it on for size.  (Note: the TWO will not fit larger male hands, as it is built specifically for women.)  And, while I only tried this toy solo, I can see how it would work just as good, if not better with a partner.  Solo, it was great, as it gave me an extended reach, which is excellent if you are not that flexible.  Even if you are, that extension gives you more control and greater reach so is easier on your wrist when using it for solo masturbation.


Wet for Her says that the Two “is thin enough to allow you to feel both your partner’s temperature and orgasms while keeping your thumb and the rest of your hand free for ample dexterity.”  I couldn’t “feel” myself through the thick silicone of the toy, and also, since your fingers only go halfway into the toy, there is no way to feel anything at the fingertips of the Two.  And, while it does leave your thumb free, because of the length, you could not stimulate the clitoris with your thumb, while maintaining contact with the G-spot and the toy at the same time.  Unless you thumb happens to be halfway down your wrist and mine isn’t.  So, while it worked well with a vibrator in the other hand, it does have a few limitations, and perhaps Wet for Her can improve on for future models, 1) by shortening the length and 2) by making the end more hollow to allow for greater sensitivity.  Besides that, the name really is not that great, and I vote for changing it to Superfingers.  Seriously, names like One, Two and Three are not really very creative and don’t stimulate the senses.


The Wet for Her “Two” (aka Superfingers), was nominated for Best Non-Powered Product, 2011 at the “O” Awards.  It is truly an innovative toy, and yes it does work, proving once again, that looks are deceiving.  Non-lesbian couples could also use the Two as well, provided their fingers are small enough to fit inside the toy.  If you’d like to try out the Two for yourself, you can get one at Wet for Her .

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