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Where to Find Advice About Sex Toys

Whether you are purchasing your very first sex toy, or looking to add new exciting adult products to your collection, it is often helpful to get advice on which sex toys are the best to purchase.

There are literally tens of thousands of sex toys on the market, and I know this because I worked for an online sex toy company for over 10 years. Their selection of vibrators alone is over 6500! So, while you may know what type of toy you are looking to purchase, narrowing down the selection to find the perfect sex toy for your needs and desires can be somewhat overwhelming.

So, where can you get advice about which sex toys to buy?

Personally, I like to read reviews about products before I purchase them, and this also includes sex toys. And, even though I have reviewed thousands of sex toys over the years for various e-zines including, I still find it useful to read other people’s expert reviews as well.

I find reviews by sex toy reviewers who know their way around adult products prove to be more useful and often point out important aspects of the products that you will want to know about before buying.

A good sex toy reviewer will talk about the quality of the toy, materials and safety, how to clean your toy, the brand, ways to use the toy, their experience, as well as how that product may compare to other similar products, such as comparison reviews. Many sexpert toy reviewers also have sex toy guides as well that can help educate consumers on buying the best sex toys on the market. The most important aspect about finding a good sex toy reviewer is that they do “honest” reviews. When I first started out doing sex toy reviews, I reviewed many crappy-ass sex toys. While didn’t enjoy putting down a manufacturer, I did write honestly about sex toys that were pure crap. Now-a-days, when I review a sex toy, I only review products I like (or think I will like) and avoid crappy toys all together.

One site I really like is , which features expert reviews from Katie Barker, who is a registered nurse and also passionate about sexual health and pleasure and sex toys. Her reviews are super in-depth, and tell you everything you need to know about a particular toy, plus she has many excellent sex toy and sexy how to guides as well. Katie is a part of a team of sex toy reviewers and sex educators at SexToyEducation, with Jeff (sex toys for men) and Jessica, both who have years of sexuality experience as well.

One of my favorite sex toy reviewers is Kara Sutra from, who I have been following (and been friends with) for over 10 years. Kara started off doing awesome sexuality how to sex ed videos for Youtube and then branched out to written reviews and sexuality articles on her site as well.

If you are looking for blunt, out-spoken, yet thoroughly honest with a bit of humor and snark put in for good measure, then you will want to check out (Where Sex Toys Go to be Judged), for the critical sex toy reviews including negative reviews on the ones she hates.

Other great places to find quality sex toy reviewers is Each year they do a Top Sex Bloggers List (Yes, I’m in there here!), which features the top 100 Sexperts who have blogs. Many of these bloggers are also sex toy reviewers (, so it is a great place to find sexperts who dig sex toys where you can get often good advice on what to buy.

What About Sex Toy Shops?

Sex toy shops, both online as well as brick and mortar stores are also excellent places to get educated about sex toys. Yes, sex toy shops do have an ulterior motive, which is to sell you sex toys, but if they are good shop, with integrity who promote sex education, then chances are they will give you accurate and useful information on what sex toys to buy.

I worked at a brick and mortar sex toys shop quite a few years back, and I enjoyed helping customers find the right toys for them, as well as top quality products. We did sell a few crappy toys, and I always discouraged people from buying them (obviously). Eventually, I left because my boss (the owner) continued to sell these smelly jelly sex toys. So, many store reps are ethical, even if it is their job to sell sex toys.

Online stores are another great way to find sex toy reviews, guides and articles. is a well-known sex toy retailer, who has thousands of reviews from both consumers and sex toy reviewers that honestly review the products in both a positive and negative light. Love Honey also has great video guides as well. Another great sex toy retailer for sex toy reviews is I have written reviews for Pink Cherry and Love Honey, and both shops carry top quality toys.

There are also some manufacturers who have quality reviews, like CalExotics. While they are promoting their own products, they have excellent sexpert reviews and how-to videos by Sunny Megatron ( and CalExotics Expert Sexpert Jaiya. I love Sunny Megatron, she does great reviews and is super cute and funny, plus her sexuality how to videos are the best.

Finally, there are lots of sex coaches out there who also can give you advice when it comes to purchasing sex toys.  And, there is also Sexual Health Magazine ( which is put together by sex industry leader, Xbiz (they also have an annual Sexual Health Expo each year where you can check out sex toys), who features articles by sex coaches and sex toy reviews in their digital magazine online. If you have a chance to visit a local sex toy convention, that is also a great way to find out more about the latest sex toys on the market, and see them in person.

So, if you are searching for advice about sex toys, there are lots of resources out there. You can also check out my sex toy reviews as a certified Master Sexpert at (

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