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Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X

If Cinderella had a Glass Slipper like this one, she never would have needed Prince Charming.  Just saying.  Poor old Cinderella.  Burnt again!

The Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X is a vibrating glass dildo that features 7 modes of vibration. Contraire to what it says on the website (10”), this vibe measures 9 1/2″ in length, with 8″ of that insertable.  Still a formable length, however.  The width is 1.5” width, and 2” at its most bulbous part, the head.  It is long and straight and doesn’t have any curvature to it.  It is waterproof and can be used in the bath/shower.

It is made from a borosilicate Glass Sleeve encased around a plastic vibrating component that has a twist off battery compartment (takes 2 AA batteries, not included) at the base.  The vibe turns on/off and rotates through the 7 settings with a push and play button at the base which is easy to control, although you have to cycle through them all to turn it off.  The vibrations go from straight vibration to oscillations and pulsations in varying degrees of strength. None of the vibrations were strong enough for me to feel on my clit (although I may be a bit desensitized), but I could feel them fairly well internally.

The glass is beautifully designed in purple and blue rainbow swirls on white borosilicate glass, with raised blue pleasure bumps nearer the base.  I found the pleasure bumps were not much use unless you had the vibe fully inserted, which is often not the case when using it in and out. As mentioned, it features a large bulbous head which is great for pleasuring the G-spot.  In fact, the bulbous G-spot head was what I liked best about this vibe.

While the vibrations didn’t do a whole lot for me, the bulbous head was excellent for massaging my G-spot.  It has been a while since I played with my G-spot so I greatly enjoyed this “testing” session.  I started off watching “Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes” (review coming soon), a scene with April Flores and Jiz Lee (hot!).  I tried the Glass Slipper on my clit and realized I needed something stronger, so went for a powerful clitoral vibe and used the Glass Slipper internally.

I came quickly with the clitoral vibe, clenching around the Glass Slipper in an amazing orgasm.  I then continued on with just the Glass Slipper, fucking my G-spot until I squirted and squirted and couldn’t orgasm any more.  The combination of the two types of stimulation made for seriously powerful combined multiple orgasms, and I wondered why I have been ignoring my G-spot and going for the quick clitoral fix.

Anyway, the Glass Slipper’s bulbous head had a lot to do with the intensity of my orgasms.  Once lubed up it felt so cool and smooth and wet inside, I was so turned on.  The stimulation from both outside and inside quickly made me lose control until I was in a state of orgasmic bliss.

If you like glass sex toys, this is a good one, with or without the vibrations.  You can check out the Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X at  Oh, and did I mention they are having an awesome sale? Save up to 80% right now Adam and Eve’s Summer Sale. 100’s of items on sale to choose from!

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