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snugglepussI’ve wanted to try out the Snugglepuss ever since I first saw it.  It has a unique design, which looks like it would be an amazing dual stimulation G-spot and clitoral vibe.  Curved into a U-shape with a large bulb head on one end for G-spot insertion, and small nubbed and winged clitoral part on the other end, this toy is designed to insert into your vagina, then curve around to snuggle your clit.  Appearances however are deceptive.

The Snugglepuss is one of the most frustrating sex toys I have ever tried, next to the Venus Penis.  It comes with 3 watch batteries that have to be activated by rolling back the elastomer sleeve and removing the battery saving insert. The sleeve itself seems very flimsy and at the rate that this vibe goes through batteries, I would estimate that it would eventually tear from use.  Watch batteries are a problem in themselves, as they are hard to find and do not power a sex toy with much intensity.  Mild to weak vibration is all this toy can manage.

There is no off/on button.  The toy simply turns itself on when the two ends are spread far enough apart.  This means while you are trying to insert it, the Snugglepuss vibrates annoyingly wasting battery power, until you finally have it in place.  And, if you can ever get it in place, well you are lucky.  Once I got the G-spot part inserted and where I wanted it, I couldn’t position the clitoral part anywhere near its target without squeezing it together, which turns the toy off.  I tried struggling with it for approximately ten minutes: pushing the clit part down to try to get it near my clit while it buzzed off and on like the clit-teasing whore it is. This toy is supposed to be hands-free, but even if you could get it positioned properly, you would have to hold it in place to get off.  Also, the G-spot head just sits there buzzing, and really doesn’t do much to stimulate the G-spot as the pressure and movement needed for G-spot stimulating is lacking.  Another minor annoyance is that the soft nubs on the G-spot don’t feel quite so soft or pleasurable once inserted and chafe a bit.  By, the end of all this I was pretty pissed off that I had wasted so much of my solo sex time on this annoying mosquito of a toy, which left me totally unsatisfied and wanting more, but in too bad of a mood to masturbate.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with the Snugglepuss.  The toy is made by Vibratex and usually I enjoy their toys like the Rabbit Habit, their innovative designs and have no fault with them.  However, the Snugglepuss never really did what it was supposed to do, lacked serious vibration, missed my clitoris completely, turned off when it should have been stimulating me, and burned the batteries out after just one try, until they were too weak to accomplish much at all.  This is one of those toys that is great in concept but sucks in practice, which is really too bad since it was a great idea.  Perhaps, they will redesign this toy to make it work better.

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