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Fashionistas Nipple Suckers Review

nipple suckers

Review of Fashionistas Nipple Suckers by Icon Brands


As you can see, these nipple suckers are as much as “fashion” accessory as they are a toy, with the chic black bulbs adorned with the stylish Fashionista logo and glass suction tubes.  These are very well made with thick black rubber bulbs secured to the glass tubes.  I like the fact that they are made of tempered glass rather than plastic as well, as tempered glass is very strong so will not break easily.  This system also comes with 8 rubber O rings in 4 sizes for each nipple, the largest ½” diameter, and the smallest a little over a ¼” or 1 cm.  The O rings are very stretchy and strong.

Each sucker is 2 ½” from glass tip to base of bulb and the glass tube opening is ½” diameter.  That means if your nipple is any larger than ½” diameter, you won’t be able to get it in the tube to suction.  My nipples just fit in and they are “average” size I would say.  These would work awesome with people who have small nipples, but if you have large nipples or are looking for extreme suction, these would not do the job.

nipple suckers

To use, I lubricated my nipples with oil-based lubricant (like a massage oil) first to make sure I would have the best seal (you can use any time of lube, oil, or even water).  Slide the size O ring you want to try over the opening of the glass tube, then slide the tube over your nipple so it makes contact with the areola and creates a seal.  Next squeeze the black bulb to pump the nipple up.  You will only be able to squeeze once, so make sure you suck as much air out of the bulb as possible to start.

Once you have your nipple pumped up to the maximum size the tubes will allow (mine made it to wear the glass tube starts to swell into a larger bulb), then roll the O ring onto the nipple and the mini pump can be removed.

What to use these for:

These nipple pumps are perfect if you want to perk up your nipples while wearing the O rings under a t-shirt, or what-have-you.  I recommend going with the largest O ring first if you are planning to wear them for any amount of time.  I wore them for a ½ hour on the largest size ring and my nips stayed perky, and I did not get any pain or discoloration.

Pain play.  If you want to use them for pain play, you can try the smaller O rings, which do pinch and provide a bit of pain.  I used the smallest one, but had to remove it after 10 minutes as my nipple was turning purple and they were creating a ring of tension around the base of my nipple.  I don’t recommend leaving them on too long, so make sure if your nipples start to discolor you soon remove them.

Use them with a nipple stimulating cream to heighten arousal.

They also work well to pump up the clitoris as well, although not for extreme pumping.

What they are not for:

These nipple pumps are not really great for pumping.  The bulb only allows one squeeze, so you can’t get a whole lot into the glass tube.  They are also not good for people with large nipples.  Instead, I would choose Extreme Auto-Vac Nipple Pumps.

Final Rating

I would rate these nipple pumps a 3 out of 5.  They work great for what they are intended for (to perk your nipples up under a top), but could have been larger to fit more sizes for nipples.

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