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Smartballs Teneo Uno and Duo

On your search for orgasms (and sex toys) one thing that many women and men don’t consider is the health of their PC (Pubococcygeus) Muscle.  But, the PC Muscle is very important to your genital health and in fact, can help you attain better, bigger, more orgasmic orgasms when regularly exercised and maintained.  Here’s why:

For Women-

“PC workouts are very beneficial for all women, regardless of your age, your vagina’s physical condition, or whether or not you have given birth.  Why?  Since the PC muscle also encircles the outside of the vagina, healthy PC muscles will improve sexual arousal, allow you to feel your partner more fully during intercourse and intensify your partner’s pleasure by tightening the vagina cavity, thus enhancing lovemaking for both of you.  And, that’s not all.  Strong PCs allow you to reach orgasm more easily, experience more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, and may even help you achieve multiple orgasms as you learn to better control and respond to your sexual arousal.  Fit PC muscles also improve G-spot stimulation and can help you learn to experience G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.  Rhythmic squeezing of your PC muscle during intercourse will help increase lubrication, stimulate the clitoris, and massage your partner’s penis to take him to new heights of sexual ecstasy.”—Kegel Exercises for Vaginal Health

According to, PC Muscles are largely responsible for controlling “the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation.”  They also add that doing regular kegels help “to better control your orgasms and ejaculations” which leads to harder, longer lasting erections and more “staying power”.  Some sources even say doing kegels will help sustain good prostate health.—

So, for both women and men, doing kegels and maintaining PC health is an exercise ritual which will keep you sexually active and enjoying your orgasms well into old age.

Introducing the Smartballs Teneo Uno and Teneo Duo

The Smartballs Teneo Uno and Teneo Duo are an updated version of Fun Factory’s original SmartBalls [my review] which are now made from silicone instead of elastomer (which means they are no longer porous).  But, that is not the only difference.  The Uno is a single ball, whereas the Duo is two balls like the original connected by a silicone string, although both are sold separately.  The balls are the same diameter as the originals and have weighted metallic balls that roll around inside as you move. The Duo and Uno are more textured than before and feel slightly bigger because of this as well as heavier.

The advantage of having two types to choose from is that the Uno would be an ideal starter toy for those of you haven’t done kegels with something inside of them before.  They are much less intimidating than two balls at once.  In fact, a friend of mine was visiting during the holidays and I showed her my sex toy collection including the Uno and Duo.  She is a devote Baptist Christian and has never owned a sex toy in her life.  Anyway, we were talking about PC health and she said she had heard about doing kegels, so I asked her if she wanted to try out the Uno or Duo for keepers.  She was thrilled and picked the Uno (natch!).  She has reported back that the Uno was very easy to use and did greatly enhance her ability to do her kegels as she has something to squeeze around.  She just loves it.

I also think that the Uno would be great for men inserted anally for enhancing their kegels and maintaining good prostate health, although I didn’t have a guy friend to try this out on.  If any men have, please let me know how it went!

The Duo would be great of people who want more of a challenge with their kegels and have a bit more room to play with.  I think these would be more ideally suited for women who are recovering from vaginal births and want to strengthen their PC muscle and vagina, as well as women who suffer from very weak PC muscles or incontinence.  For women with tighter vaginas or a strong PC muscle the Duo may be a bit much.  I personally prefer the Uno over the original Smartballs and the Duo, so I’m glad I have a choice.

My favorite ways to use my Smartballs are:

  • While sitting at my desk.  Gives me a workout without having to move.
  • While doing housework, especially the dishes or vacuuming so the chore is not so mundane.
  • While working out.  I actually enjoy using them when doing my Pilades routine as it gives me an extra sexual workout.
  • While belly dancing.  This is the ultimate way to use your Smartballs as it really gets those balls wiggling and jiggling inside of you.  Be forewarned you might get horny though!
  • Pre-sex stimulation and foreplay.  Have these inside you for an hour or more while anticipating partner sex and you’ll be good to go and pre-stimulated.
  • During clitoral masturbation to stimulate the G-spot.  Doing those kegels with practiced breathing will heighten your orgasms, strengthen your muscles to enjoy G-spot orgasms more and lead to bigger, better orgasms.  Combined with clitoral stimulation will help you achieve combined clitoral and G-spot orgasms.

Ya!  So that’s the Uno and Duo of doing your kegels to maintain good PC health.  Want to have a vagina that can crack a walnut?  Then get over to my Sex Toy Shop to pick yourself up some Smart Balls.

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