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Heavenly Goddess Luxury Spa Products from Athena’s

Sexy is Skin Deep!

I review a lot of Bath and Beauty products, because I believe that a part of being sexy and sensual has to do with how you look and feel.  Pampering yourself with Spa Products that make you look, feel and smell like delicious, or like a Goddess, is very sexy.

Athena’s has a wonderful line of Spa products called Heavenly Goddess including bath gels, hair care products, massage oils, massage candles, body lotions and body mists.  Their products are all natural, have the to-die-for skinny dip aroma and are made from Hemp Seed Oil.  All these products have Phthalate-free fragrance and are drug and cruelty free.

Hemp seed oil is one of the most nutritious natural oils with numerous health benefits. It contains 80% Essential Fatty Acids, including Omega 3 and 6 and Vitamin D.  This oil closely matches our skin lipids so penetrates and lubricates well.  Aside from its amazing moisturizing and anti-aging properties, hemp seed oil also alleviates many skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.  In addition, hemp seed oil is also a natural sun block, so protects your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

Heavenly Goddess Hand & Body Lotion

This thick, luxurious skin cream is made with a moisturizing blend of hemp seed oil and natural botanicals which work to hydrate the skin, leaving it soft, supple and sexy.  The hemp seed also helps to smooth away imperfections with its antioxidants, leaving your skin radiating with a youthful glow.

Heavenly Goddess Moisturizing Body Mist – Skinny Dip

One of my favorite Heavenly Goddess products, the Moisturizing Body Mist is both refreshing and moisturizing in one.  You can use it any time of the day for a quick pick me up, by spraying on the face and neck, and the light skinny dip scent will make you feel sensual.  I keep mine on my desk and use it all day long.  I also use it on my hair after conditioning it and during the day if my natural curl gets frizzy.  You can also use it on your sheets and pillowcases, or to freshen up a stale room.  Multi-purpose… This is an awesome product!

Heavenly Goddess Bath & Shower Gel

The HG Bath and Shower gel is very thick so you don’t need a lot.  Pour a bit into the bath water for a sensual, moisturizing bubble bath, or a small drop on your bath scrubby goes a long way.  This bath gel leaves your body soft, radiant and seductively scented.

Heavenly Goddess Massage Oil

If you are looking for a massage oil that takes sensual massage to a whole new level of sexy, this is the one for you.  The skinny dip smell is divine, yet not overpowering, very soft and sensual like vanilla and cocoa-berry.  Also great for the skin with the rejuvenating properties of hemp and grape seed oils, this massage oil glides on smooth and absorbs into the skin leaving it supple and glowing and ready for love.

Heavenly Goddess Soy Candle

I’m a candle whore and LOVE this HG Soy Candle.  The scent is slightly stronger than the other products in this line, so it is great to put by the bath to create a sensual mood.  When you are finished your bath you can smooth on the warm candle oil to moisturize your skin, or even better, luxuriate in a sensual massage for you and your lover.

Simply light the massage candle and wait about 20 minutes, then rub the heated massage oil into your lover’s body, leaving the skin soft, kissable and lightly scented. The candle contains 6.8oz of soy wax, hemp seed oil, coconut, apricot, jojoba, avocado, and soybean oils and lasts for 60 hours.

Heavenly Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner

My absolutely favorite product in this line is Heavenly Hair Care Shampoo.  I was a hairstylist for several years and am very picky about hair products.  I also have long (to my waist) natural wavy hair and I color it, so I need a shampoo that won’t strip my natural oils (or artificial color), while cleaning it and not leave it tangled.  The Heavenly Hair Care Shampoo is made with all natural ingredients including hemp (for moisturizing) and argan (for nourishment) oils, leaving hair shiny and frizz-free.  The essential fatty acids, emollients and antioxidants leave hair naturally radiant.  The scent for this product is slightly stronger and more botanical, yet leaves the hair smelling like skinny dip.

The conditioner will leave the hair (even as long and tangled as mine) tangle-free and easy to comb out.  Plus it strengthens the hair with silk proteins without weighing it down and making it flat.

Warning:  Prolonged use of any of these products with turn you into a temptress that no man or woman can resist!

Pamper your body and excite your senses with Heavenly Body products from Athena’s.

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