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“Sex: A Book for Teens” Book Review

Sex: A Book for Teens

In case you didn’t know this about me, I devour books like nobody’s business. Since I also love learning about sex like nobody’s business, it makes sense that the two of them would overlap once in awhile. In this case, (and most cases), they did. While I’m not a teen anymore (Yes!), I still bought this book off Amazon after Nikol Hasler came on the EdenFantasys Community Interview.

“Sex: A Book for Teens” is an uncensored guide to your body, sex, and safety, and I can honestly say that I wish information was this frank when I was a teen and in need of sex safety information. The book is 192 pages long and divided into 11 chapters. From cover-to-cover, it took me about two hours to read, but I’m also a speed-reader, so don’t take that as indication of anything really.

The book basically covers all of the basics about sex education and what a teenager should need. While Nikol mentions abstinence as a choice, she never pushes it on anyone, and in fact, she seems to subscribe to the “You’re going to do it anyway, so at least be informed” point of view which is great. The book takes an even stance on the idea of teenagers having sex, and there is no shaming. Along with that, there is also information about gender identities and about kinks as well, so no teenager has to feel alientated about their preferences.

The book includes quite a few chapters. There’s stuff about anatomy and how it works, your sexual identification, masturbation, what to expect your first time, foreplay and how to do it, oral vaginal and anal sex, how to protect yourself, birth control, dating and relationships, kinks fantasies and fetishes, and communicating about sex with your partner and others. All of the chapters as well-written and include a lot of great information.

There are some illustrations in the book as well include an example of what an uncircumsized and a circumsized penis looks like. However, I was a bit surprised to find that there was no illustration on how to put on a condom as that usually seems to be a problem with the high failure rate of condoms since they aren’t put on correctly. She does explain how to do it, but I think an illustration would have been very helpful as well.

One of the neatest parts of the book is the ending of every chapter. At the end, Nikol answers some of the common questions people have about the stuff in the chapter. I love Q&A formats, so those were always really pleasurable to read through. A sample question includes: “My dad was straight when he was out with my mom, but he came out when they broke up. A year later, he was straight again, so is he straight or gay?” Of course, Nikol gives a great answer and stresses how important it is for the reader to be supportive of his father.

Of course, I really like this book. Did it teach me anything I didn’t know? No, it didn’t. However, it does function as a really great resource for teenagers who need something to teach them about safe sex. Unlike other books which can get dull, Nikol keeps to the basics and writes in a way that’s amusing to read. If you need a book to give a teenager or young adult in your life about safe sex, this book works wonderfully. You can purchase Sex: A Book for Teens on Amazon.

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