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Lelos Ina Dual Action Vibe

I have never been a huge fan of Rabbit vibrators or vibes with dual stimulation.  I have tried various types including the original Rabbit Habit that drove Charlotte from Sex in the City insane (insanely frustrating), the Ooh La La Rabbit (that was far from Ooh lala!) [my review], the Snugglepuss (that turned off every time I got it snuggled just right) [my review], and the We-Vibe I (that was weak and boring) [my review].  So, I have for a long time been on the hunt for that perfect dual-action hero that combines clitoral and G-spot stimulation in one.  Would Lelo’s Ina be my Wonder Vibe?  I was hopeful.

Lelo’s Ina (formally known as Mona) is their answer to the Rabbit or dual-action vibe.  Like all Lelo pleasure objects Ina is a high quality toy, with a clever design, a strong sophisticated motor, and coated with body-safe silicone.  It is ergonomically designed and shaped somewhat like a tuning fork, with one prong much longer, thicker and curled for G-spot stimulation and penetration.  The smaller prong is likewise curved in the opposite direction to facilitate direct clitoral stimulation.  Unlike traditional Rabbit vibes, the clit prong is single rather than split and does not flutter, but stays fairly stationary.

Being a dual-action toy, each prong has its own individually powered motor and eight stimulation modes from straight vibration (together and solo each), pulsating, synchronized dual vibration and alternating vibration, osculating and cascading vibrations, and crescendo of random pulses and vibrations together.  The vibrations in some of the modes are strong and intense, while in others mild and tickling.  The vibration modes are controlled via the cross-shaped interface with (+) and (-) buttons to control the strength of vibration and (v) and (^) buttons to rotate through the modes.

Ina is a rechargeable vibe and like all Lelo’s power toys comes with its own cord to plug it in, taking about 2 hours to completely charge, and lasts about 4 hours.  Ina comes with a satin pouch, user manual, excellent storage box, 1 year warranty, power cord charger, as well as the toy itself.

I am happy to report, that while Ina is not my Wonder Vibe, it does fit my sexual anatomy better than any other rabbit type vibe I have tried, and does a much better job at stimulating both my clitoris and G-spot.  I have read a couple of reviews that said the user was opening the vibe’s prongs and using it somewhat like a clamp, with the G-spot end inserted and the clitoral end clamped on top of the clit.  I tried this but found it did not work or fit well this way for me, and I don’t think that is how the toy is designed to be used.  Rather, the toy seems to fit best with the G-spot prong half-way inserted and the back of the small prong pressing against the clitoris rather than pinching down.  So, if you picture Ina as a hand, the large prong would be the pointer and index finger inserted into the vagina and the small prong the back of the thumb, with the thumb-nail press against the clitoris.  Using Ina this way I was able to get the maximum vibration and contact with both areas.  If I wanted to stimulate my G-spot more, the thumb end would slightly lift up and not hit my clit, and when I wanted to stimulate my clit more, the G-spot end would pull out to stimulate my vulva.

This was actually not a bad thing.  For I was able to osculate back and forth between more clitoral and more G-spot pressure by slightly moving the vibe in a bit of a pumping rhythm that lead to first an amazing clitoral orgasm, and then a G-spot and blended orgasm.  The small prong actually felt much like a thumb or large finger as I circled it around my clitoris and was a very pleasurable sensation that slowly built me up to a great climax.  Adding to that the very strong vibrations from both prongs (stronger than any other Lelo vibe I have tried) and this is one amazing orgasmic sex toy.

My only criticism of this toy is that I would have liked the G-spot end to be slightly longer, perhaps an inch, so I could insert a bit more into my vagina while still stimulating my clit.  However, as every woman is built differently, this may be perfect for some women, while others may want it even longer.  That is the major problem with designing a rabbit-type vibrator, as it is pretty well impossible to make one that will fit every woman perfectly, unless it was somehow adjustable.

So, if you are like me and have yet to find a Rabbit styled vibrator that works for you, Ina just may be the thing.  It is the closest thing to perfection I have yet to find.

You can purchase Lelo’s Ina from and receive 15% off of their entire stock of sex toys, adult products and lingerie.

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4 Responses

  1. adriana says:

    Actually, Mona is the G-spot vibe. Ina used to be called something else but I forget what. I find it interesting that this seems to be well liked by folks who don’t like rabbits usually. I’m definitely intrigued.
    .-= adriana´s last blog ..Bhold: Bcute Curve =-.

    • Domina Doll says:

      You’re right. Mona is the g-spot vibe. Yes, I’m impressed by how much I like this toy as well. But, it is so differently designed, and not much like a real rabbit at all, so that maybe why.

  2. Louise says:

    I have an old rabbit style that has served me very well, but after a long and happy life it finally died. In a search for a replacement, looking at other rabbits, I’ve been sceptic. They all seem to have very wimpy clit stimulators. The Ina is the first one I’ve seen that looks tough enough to provide the stim I need, but it’s a lot of money so I have been reading lots of reviews hoping to make a smart purchase. As you have said you don’t like rabbit style vibes, your yay doesn’t convince me. So, I’ll ask you a specific question. I need a high-frequency vib that can be pressed hard against me. Do you think the Ina will do it for me?

    • Domina Doll says:

      Hello Louise… Definitely, the Ina is strong and will press hard against you. As far as vibrations are, it is fairly strong, stronger that every other rabbit I have tried. However, if I were choosing for myself, I would forgo a rabbit and go with a strong clitorial vibe like my favorite the fairy wand, and use a dildo with it like the Curve, or many of the others I have reviewed. I find two seperate toys gives you more flexibility with the toys, and allows for greater stimulation.

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