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Save a Horse, Ride a Cowgirl with Rodeoh

Every once in a while a “sex toy” product comes on the market that is utterly brilliant.  And, the new Rodeoh strap-on harness is exactly that.  Brilliant in its simplicity and innovation, I have to wonder why no-one has invented this until now?  I guess it takes two savvy women from San Francisco who saw a need in the market for a comfortable, sexy, stylish harness to conceptualize a whole new design for a strap-on.

Essentially, the Rodeoh harness is a pair of sexy brief underwear that feature a flexible O-ring opening in the front wear you attach your harness compatible sex toy.  Made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, these briefs are, as you can imagine, are very comfortable to wear.  No more straps, buckles or belts to try to adjust, just slip on your Rodeoh briefs and get packing your hard on.

Photoshoot I did with my friend Jena!

Copyright 2011 Fatale Femmes Fotos

I love the look of these.  They are hot and come in Black and Gray or Black and Red hipster style briefs with a wide elastic waist band inscribed with the Rodeoh logo.  Because they are cotton they a super soft and the spandex allows them to mold tightly to the body for a perfect fit.  Best of all, they come in many sizes, and not just skinny-mini, from waists 23 to 41, and the comfortable material makes for a more sensual experience between partners.

The O-ring fits toys from 1 ½”-2” width and a recommended length of 5”-6”.  Behind the O-ring is a small, thin layer of material or pocket, so the base of the strap-on you use will not rub against the pelvis (pubic mound) for added comfort for the wearer.  Because the material is cotton, care instructions say to machine or hand wash and lay flat or hang to dry.  No dryers!

The new Rodeoh Harness is an exceptionally conceived idea and even better in practice.  Be prepared to experience a whole new level of intimacy in your strap-on play and look uber sexy while you are at it.

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowgirl… with a Rodeoh strap-on harness .

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“Have fun. Be safe. And, as always, please rodeoH responsibly!”

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