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Hathor Aphrodisia

Hathor Aphrodisia is a Canadian company owned by a mother/daughter team who have been creating botanical skincare products in British Columbia’s Rainforest since 1989.  Their line of products includes massage oils, skin care emollients and Hathor Aphrodisia Lubricant Pure.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor who personified the principles of love, motherhood and joy, Hathor Aphrodisia Lubricant Pure is an organic, body-friendly, vegan, water-based, personal lubricant.  It is glycerine and paraben free and contains only seven pure botanical ingredients that “create a healthy environment most like your body’s natural fluids”.

The ingredients include de-ionized water, acacia gum, vegetable propylene glycol (made from canola and safflower oils), Jujube zizyphus, Siberian Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

When I first saw “Horny Goat Weed” on the label I chuckled, but had heard of it used as a natural libido enhancer.  It is said to increase energy and to stimulate sexual hormone production when ingested like a natural Viagra, and topically increases blood flow to the genital region.  Jujube zizyphus is derived from the Chinese or Red Date whose sweet smell is said to make young people fall in love.  It is used to reduce anxiety and is a fertility symbol in the East.  Siberian Ginseng restores energy and vitality.

Hathor Aphrodisia has no real discernible odor and a slight acidic taste on the tip of the tongue.  The concentration of the product is fairly thick and gel-like which emulsifies quickly when rubbed in to create a smooth, slippery texture.  It slowly absorbs into the skin leaving absolutely no residue or sticky feeling and could be easily used as a moisturizer as well.  When applied to the genitals I noticed a slight increase in sensitivity and arousal as well as a little warmth.  I suspect these sensations would be noticeably more in menopausal women who have lost some feeling in their genitals.

As far as performance, I found this lube worked well for genital masturbation as well as internal penetration.  It lasted longer than I expected given its thick quality and felt like my own natural juices.  I have only used one other natural, water-based lubricant that performed this well.  This is an excellent quality personal lubricant and given that it is all-natural and body-friendly, one of my favorites by far.

You can purchase Hathor Aphrodisia at Babeland and while you are there, don’t forget to enter their Moregasm contest to win the Moregasm book and $250 worth of Sex Toys.

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  1. Kayla says:

    The characters on the picture scare me, but the packaging does look really nice.

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