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RubyGlass21 Glass Sex Toys Review & Contest

Last month in April I did a month long sex toy reviews and contests for “Green Sex Toy Month” in which I reviewed and gave away over 30 eco-friendly sex toys and adult products from various manufacturers and retailers.

RubyGlass21 were a bit late getting their products to me, so I didn’t get a chance to review them last month.

So, without further ado, here are their sex toy reviews.

How to Win One of RubyGlass21’s Products:

1.      Leave a comment in the comments below saying you want to win one or both (say which one!) & do one of the other things below, letting me know you’ve done it:

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Contest will run from May 29th 2011 – June 5th 2011.

Winner(s) will be chosen June 6th 2011 via the Random Number Generator:

About RubyGlass 21

RubyGlass21 is a small glass sex toy manufacturer in Eugene, Oregon who creates quality, hand-blown glass sex toys from medical grade borosilicate glass.  They have strict standards when it comes to making their products eco-friendly and of the highest quality which include:

  • They use only non-toxic glass.
  • They never outsource their products and make all sex toys in house so they can control quality.
  • Woman owned and operated.
  • All toys are tested before marketing.
  • They use “natural gas instead of profane because it is a cleaner source of fuel, and liquid oxygen instead of processed oxygen because it burns cleaner.”
  • Instead of wood they use carbon tools to save the trees.
  • They maintain filters on all of their ventilation systems so no chemical or glass particles can leak out into the air.
  • All broken glass is recycled to make new products.
  • They use recycled packaging instead of clam shell packaging.
  • All of their benches and tables are made from 100% recycled and kiln dried wood.
  • They print with soy based ink.

Red Heart Butt Plug Review

The Red Heart Butt Plug is super cute.  It is made of 100% Pyrex glass, and is clear, with red glass heart on the base.  It measures 4” in length, with an insertable length of 3 ½” without the large flanged base.  The bulbous head is tapered from a smooth rounded tip that gradually widens for easy insertion and has a 1 3/4” diameter.  Not too small and not too big, this plug is about just right (said Goldi-locks!), making it good for beginners and anal lovers as it provides a full sensation, without being too intimidating.  The neck is fairly long which helps to keep the toy in place so it won’t pop out during play. The plug is also a nice weight (about 10 oz) which adds to the sensation.

The best feature of this piece is the beautiful red heart on the plug’s base, which you can show off to your lover when in use.  It is pretty and playful, and the red draws the eye like a naughty temptation.

Swirly Multi-Colored Glass Dildo Review

The Swirly Multi-Colored Glass Dildo is also super cute.  It is a pastel of rainbow colors: soft pink, lavender, soft yellow and baby blue, and reminds me of a lollipop.  It is very small in length and diameter (6 ½” length, 1 ½” diameter large head, 1” diameter smaller head) so perfect for a beginner who is a bit nervous trying glass toys for the first time.  Since glass is hard, glass toys tend to feel much larger since there is not any give to the material.

The dildo is double-ended (as I’ve said above) which a larger glass bulb and a smaller glass bulb on either end.  It also features textured grooved swirls around the shaft adding to the sensation if you want to plunge it deeper or swirl it around during penetration.  These ridges feel fantastic and are truly orgasmic!  The bulbs are also perfect for G spot massage if you only want to insert it an inch or two.  Each head is also slightly tapered for easy insertion.

Large Bulb Head

I enjoyed using this toy for both G spot and deeper penetration, alternating between both sensations.  The Swirly Multi-Colored Glass Dildo is very pretty with its swirly rainbow candy colors which remind me of spring.

Both the Swirly Multi-Colored Glass Dildo & the Red Heart Butt Plug are exclusive new products by RubyGlass21 and are not yet available for sale.  So get yours here first!

Thanks to for sending me these products for review & giveaway.

Enter to Win Below (either or both: don’t forget to say which one you want!)

And, don’t forget to do one of the other entry requirements.

Good luck!

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    So who is the lucky winner?

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