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Queer Manor

Queer Manor (2009)
Director: Madison Young
Studio: Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing
Cast: Madison Young, Sadie Lune, Anja, Liz, Finn and Anne Lane

I’m a big fan of most of Madison Young’s films.  Many of them involve bondage and lesbian sex, both of which are my favorite genres.  I expected a lot more of Queer Manor though, which oddly enough was nominated for a Feminist Porn Award in 2010.  I don’t know…  The film is cliché, kitschy and not in the least sexy.

Here is a low-down on the scenes.

Reel Queer Productions presents- Queer Manor…  Classical setting, atmosphere & music…

Scene One- Room 402 with Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune takes a small mirror and watches herself masturbates.  Her hair is done up in the style of the Edwardian French elite (think Marie Antoinette, “Let them Eat Cake”).  Sadie tries to make sexy faces at herself in the mirror, but it looks overacted, and then she looks at the camera, like she is not sure where to look, and she often seems distracted by other people (behind the scenes) in the room.  She pulls a string of pearls out of her pussy, which she then devours and pulls back out again. Sadie’s acting is terrible, overly melodramatic.

Next, she finds Anne Lane in a closet with a cupcake and says she is ready for her snack now.  Anne gives her the cherry on top of the cupcake and she ties it into a knot with her tongue.  Then Anne puts the cupcake on her pussy and muff dives her cupcake.  Sadie keeps looking at the camera “like what am I supposed to be doing?” then goes hysterical laughing, then looks like she is going to cry, then tells Anne to stop fucking her.  At this point I’m lost.  The scene seems so poorly scripted, acted and just terrible.  Then Sadie reverses the action, puts a dental dam over Anne’s pussy and eats a cupcake off it.  By now the scene has gone so downhill…  there is nothing really sexy about watching someone eat out a bright purple dental dam.

Scene Two- Sara Lane Solo

Sara Lane solo, with hemp rope around her neck, is rubbing and fingering her pussy, bends over and pulls the rope up between her lips, ass, then cut back to her sitting up and diddling again.  I’m not entirely sure what this scene is about, I can’t tell if she is getting off or not and the scene ends abruptly.

Scene Three- Room 509- Madison Young Solo

Dressed in a back bra, panties, stockings and a tie and jacket, Madison starts rubbing herself.  She pours ice and whiskey in a glass, then drinks it.  She rubs ice over her neck, chest, then she sits back and starts to rub her pussy, panties aside.  Madison is always hot to watch, even if sometimes a bit melodramatic herself.  She gets a cigars and sucks on it before opening it, then fucks herself with it (still in package).  This part of the scene is not bad.

Next enters her Asian slave, Anja who crawls over to her and they start necking.  There is no scene sounds and Madison says something to Anja, but you can’t tell what.  Anja licks Madison’s shoe and then her stocking foot.  Madison finger fucks Anja’s mouth and slaps her face, except you can’t see it because the camera looses the action.  Anja sits back in the chair and Madison fucks her with a  twisted green Fun Factory toy.  Madison tries to fuck her mouth with her fingers, but Anja moves her hand away.  Madison finger fucks her pussy holding a toothbrush to catch the ejaculate spray…  or at least I think that is what it is for, but I never see any spray and the scene ends.  It doesn’t seem like Madison gets her off.  There is no chemistry what-so-ever between them.

Scene Four- Anja Solo

Anja is drinking champagne in the bathroom. She’s pretty hot, but there is something strangely hesitant about her, like she really doesn’t want to do the scene.  She lubes up her pussy and fingers herself.  She drinks more champagne and keeps fingering herself and I think she is about to squirt or piss in the bottle but she doesn’t do that and then the scene ends.

Scene Five- Room 795 with Liz and Finn

The scene begins solo with Liz in a bubble bath.  She shaves her legs and then starts to masturbate, which you can’t really see because she is covered in bubbles.  Cut to Finn shaving in a mirror.  Liz appears behind him and begins shaving his face.  The two seem to have a real-life relationship, at least, that is the feel I get from watching them.  Liz bends her boy over the toilet, exposes his ass and starts to spank him.  She then spanks him with a hair brush, with not a whole lot of finesse.  Liz then kneels and sucks his silicone dick. Fake dick sucking doesn’t do much for me, but the scene changes quickly and boy is on his knees in front of her applying nipple clamps then pulls the chain with his teeth.  That ends quickly, they neck, she smacks his face then gets him to eat out her pussy.  She gets off. Scene ends.

End of movie.

The performances in this movie are really bad, lacking authenticity and passion, with no chemistry between the characters.  The film seems to ramble on without any purpose or plot, and half the time I just don’t get it.  It could have been a very cool film, I love the concept, but in practice, the film fails on every level.

I don’t recommend this film at all, and hope anyone who has never seen a Madison Young film, does not see this one first.  She has so many great movies she has both appeared in and directed such as Bride of Sin, Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco, Tail of a Bondage Model, Bondage Boob Tube and Perversions of Lesbian Lust.  Give Queer Manor a pass.

Thank you to Good Vibrations and Good Releasing for the opportunity to review this film.

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