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Nostalgia (2009)
Studio- Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing
Director- Courtney Trouble
Cast- April Flores, Kimberly Kane, Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Madison Young, Trouble, Pepper Sox, Sealu Sideshow, Destiny Prince, Selena Raven, Tina Horn, Kimberlee Cline, Carson, Sadie Lune, and Carol Queen

In case you haven’t heard, now has its own adult porn production studio, and I am overjoyed.  Two of my favorite girl-girl directors—Courtney Trouble ( and Madison Young (—are producing woman-made queer porn under Reel Queer Productions and were nominated at last years AVN Awards.

Nostalgia (2009) is a super-cool porno by up-and-cumming director, Courtney Trouble.  As the tile indicates, it has a nostalgic feel and pays homage to the late great Marilyn Chambers who sadly died of an aneurysm in April last year.  Marilyn Chambers was best known for her portrayal in Behind the Green Door (1972) in which her character Gloria gets kidnapped and “raped” before a live sleazy circus-like audience.

Scene 1- (Homage to Behind the Green Door) All girl three-way starring Jiz Lee

Two women are making out on a couch, one in a feather mask who is “warming” the other girl up (Gloria) to get her ready for the circus-rape orgy scene.  Killer tunes play in the background.  “Gloria” is then lead blindfolded into a dungeon scene where several spectators await including Carol Queen with a crazy voyeuristic smile on her face. “Gloria” is then “ravished” upon a stage by one the feathered girl, when in walks Jiz Lee, likewise feather-masked sporting a big strap-on.  The audience claps as both feather-masked women play with her, while Jiz mounts her, first slowly, then hard and fast.  She orgasms? Then both masked ladies squirt fem ejaculate over her.  This scene doesn’t have the impact that my memory has of the original film, but then I was probably pretty impressionable back then, and I can remember it being pretty “Wow!”  What may have lacked during this scene for me was the “rape” element.  In this film the scene is very “consensual” and doesn’t have the scary rape-fantasy scenario that many women fantasize about.  And, while I don’t agree with nonconsensual sex in real life, in fantasy having rough sex and being taken is hot.  Also, I remember the audience being more involved in the original than they are here. It was way more like a circus freak show, and being a freak, I loved the edgy atmosphere of the Behind the Green Door much better.  Of course, this is Courtney’s own take on it, but it just didn’t work for me as well as the original.

Interlude- Courtney & Pepper

Meanwhile, to begin the film and in between each episode, Courtney and real-life lover Pepper are making out as they watch the films via a computer screen. These are just short interludes until the end of the film.

Scene 2- (Homage to Deep Throat) All girl three-way with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich and Madison Young.

Madison plays a patient who can’t orgasm, or even feel any arousal what-so-ever from sex.  She comes to Dr. Syd for help as Jiz plays the trusty nurse in a blonde wig.  Sid is amazing in her geek glasses as the doctor, very hot and funny.  Got some great lines and definitely doesn’t fuck them up.  Madison does a pretty good job, but is very melodramatic.  Given that it is comedic she was most likely supposed to ham it up a bit.  Dr. Sid tries several methods to arouse Madison: bondage, a hitachi, strap-on; each to no avail.  Dr. Sid then discovers that Madison’s clit is in her throat.  “Ah ha!  I zink we’ve found it!”  Madison then hungrily gobbles down Sid’s strap-on and is a pro at it.  You would really think she is getting off by it and perhaps she is.  Once the cock squirts silver glitter and fireworks ensue, the three get it on and Sid fucks Madison with a golf club, which is very cool and has quite a technique.  “I do believe you’re cured”, says Dr. Sid.  Fucking awesome scene!  Very fun, hot and funny!

Scene 3- (Homage to Babylon Pink) with Tina Horn

I never saw Babylon Pink, so can’t refer to it for comparison.  But, this scene was really kind of boring and didn’t seem to have much focus or built-up progression.  It features Tina Horn (who was awesome in Seven Minutes in Heaven).  Here, you can barely hear them over the music, and I never get into it.  The scenario is three gals sitting down to lunch in this weird room that looks like an empty stage.  One is a vegan and is uninterested in the other two women’s discussion about meat.  Turned off I guess is more appropriate.  So she fantasizes about having sex, first as the bottom, then turning the tables and topping the other two.  Like I said, press FF and skip it.

Scene 4- (Homage to the Devil in Miss Jones) with April Flores, Kimberly Kane, Courtney Trouble and Pepper

I didn’t see the original Devil in Miss Jones, but saw 3 & 4 with Amber Lynn and Vanessa Del Rio which was uber hot.  This scene stars April Flores as a lonely woman who commits suicide and then finds herself in purgatory.  I really love the beginning atmosphere of the scene as April stares at herself in the mirror and then runs the bathtub where she will slit her wrist (which is hinted at with red glitter running down the side of the tub and her floating in the bathtub full of blood).  It could have been more alt, edgy horror-show, but was very artistic and April is fantastic.  So, she is transported to purgatory (which is a lot like hell) and the scene becomes more comical.  Kimberly Kane (the Devil’s assistant) meets her at the door to hell and tells her she has a chance to go back if she engages in one of the deadly sins, which she of course picks lust.  Kane then brings April into a room where Courtney and Pepper are making out.  A fuck-fest ensues, but mainly the couples stay together until the end.  Kane and April are seriously hot and I wish the scene wasn’t as cut up as it was, and focused longer on them.  Not that I didn’t get into Courtney and Pepper, I just wanted more of Kane and April.  By the end they are all having sex together in a massive orgy and assume a very cool position with April and Courtney are facing each other as they boink tits and their partners lay under them eating them out.  Great scene!  But give me more April & Kimberly!

The END credits are dedicated to Marilyn Chambers and then there is an inserted vignette that goes back to Dr. Sid talking into a recorder about his last patient Madison, as Jiz fucks her from behind.  Dr. Sid talks about discovering a pleasure spot in her throat and calls it the Blakovich spot.  Again, pretty funny and unexpected.  It left me smiling and wanting more, more, more!

This film also has killer glitter-trash tunes featuring The Need, Veronica Lipgloss, TWIN, and Two Ton Boa, and was nominated for an AVN for the music.

Overall, this film was very good despite the third scene which didn’t cut it and the first which could have been much more edgy.  A great attempt at honoring these classics, which are big shoes to fit into.

You can buy Nostalgia at Pop My Cherry Shop, or see it right now on VOD and get 10 FREE minutes.

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