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Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes

Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes (2009)
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: BellaDonna
Cast: Aiden Starr, April Flores, Bobbi Starr, Jiz Lee, Sinn Sage, Syd Blakovich

What do you call a dyke with a big dildo?…  Well hung…

Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes was one of the most challenging porn films I have ever had to review, next to Fashionistas.  Challenging because it is so long and has so much content it took me several sittings to watch the whole thing.  Each time I would sit down to watch it I would get caught up in a scene and start to masturbate (who could resist!), then need to take a break from it after I came.  So basically I was watching one scene at a time over the duration of a couple of months (being summer, I wasn’t watching porn a lot), and it has taken me 3 months to finally watch the whole film and be able to review it.

So, it is long (over 3 hours not including bonus scene and extras)—has several (5) long scenes of girl-girl hardcore fucking (including the use of strap-on’s as you may have deduced by the title)—and, it contains lots of real lesbian raw sex content including strap-ons, finger fucking, necking, cunninglingus, anal, pinking little piggies, female ejaculation, spitting, chest punching, breast play, choking, face slapping, dildo cock sucking, and all kinds of other perverted fuckery that one could possibly imagine.

But, is it good?  Well, with one of the biggest mainstream porn stars Belladonna teaming up with two of the hottest dyke stars Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich, then throw in the voluptuous alt porn star April Flores for good measure, and what do you think?  Fucking awesome!  This film went way beyond my expectations for kinky, real lesbian, hardcore action, with spirited performances and authentic orgasms.  It was way more than just a girl-on-girl fuck flick with the usual meat and potatoes offering up extraordinary variations of sexual action and some of the hottest sex scenes between real dykes and mainstream porn starlets put on DVD.

To write a scene-by-scene play of the film would probably take me as long as I did to watch it.  Seriously, it has so much content and action.  But I will tell you briefly of the pair-ups.

Scene one features Jiz Lee and Belladonna and for some reason was a bit of a let down.  It just seemed to take a long time for them to build up any momentum and sometimes they seemed unsure of their power dynamics and who should be topping who.  And, Belladonna treated Jiz’s long pussy hair like it was some weird fetish or something, which I guess it is in porn.

Scene two is probably my favorite as it stars April Flores who I adore and Jiz Lee.  These girls have a very playful chemistry together and the sex was hot and deviant.

Scene three features Jiz, Syd Blakovich and Sinn Sage.  Syd and Jiz are always hot together and Sinn does a good job of being the odd one out. Much attention is spent on her seduction, but the best part of the scene is the end when Syd punches a dildo inserted in Jiz who squirts copiously.

Scene four teams up Syd with Bobbi Star and the highlight of this scene includes a glass anal butt plug and Syd squirting all over Bobbi.

The final scene feature Syd once again with Aiden Starr.  Syd is more toppy in this scene as she fucks, fingers and chokes Aiden into sweet submission.  There is also brief foot-fucking as Aiden fucks Syd with her foot in her pussy.  Kind of bizarre, but strangely hot.

But, that’s not all.  No, there is a bonus scene featuring Syd (the dyke hero of the film) and Belladonna which is actually much hotter than the Jiz and Belladonna scene.  Their chemistry seems to work much better and it is pretty intense.

Beside the film and the bonus scene, you can watch the Behind the Scenes featuring chatting interviews (always some of my favorite moments), when the stars can let down their hair, so to speak.  And, the soundtrack is pretty awesome too.

Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes is not your typically sugar-coated girl-on-girl dyke production.  You will not find soft focus camera, silly fantasy scenarios, lame/boring/dull fake-looking action, or neatly shaved snatches (well, maybe a few of those).  Instead, this is a genuine dyke/queer hardcore gonzo with plenty of alt sex action to shake your dick at (or strap-on if you have one).  So, if you like real dyke action and love Syd, Jiz, April and Belladonna, then this film will more than fulfill the urge to purge your own orgasms again and again.  Just may take you a while to get through the whole thing, which in this case, is a good thing.

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