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The BodyWand- 3 BodyWand Massager Reviews

Massagers are among the most popular vibrators these days, and with good reason.  Because they are powerful!  Take the original Hitachi Magic Wand that came out in the 1970s for example.  It is still one of the best selling massagers (aka vibrators) of all time, even today.

However, there are many companies coming up with new, more innovative sexual massagers and one of those leading the way is  These new body massagers are far superior to the original Hitachi in many ways.

First, the BodyWand has three wand massagers to choose from: the Original, the Rechargeable and the Mini BodyWand massagers, giving you choices in power and size.  Let’s take a look at all three and see how they fair next to the Hitachi.

The Original BodyWand Massager

The Original BodyWand Massager is approximately the same size as the Hitachi at 12½“ in length, and weighs slightly less than the Hitachi at 1.4 lbs (Hitachi is 1.2 lbs).  The first thing you will notice about the Original BodyWand is that it is a nice soft blue color, and not as clinical looking as the Hitachi.  While it is not super sexy, it is much more attractive and modern looking as far as shape and color goes.

Like the Hitachi, the Original BodyWand Massager is a plug-in type massager, which means more power, but less versatility (ie: it limits where you can use it due to having to plug it into a wall socket).  The smooth body is made of ABS plastic and the massage head if firm and large and made of body-safe Elastomer.  Instead of having an On/Off switch (or in the case of the Hitachi: Low/Off/High switch), the BodyWand features an intuitive dial that allows you to dial up the vibrations and power to the level you want.  This is the biggest advancement over the Hitachi, because often High was too high for most people and Low was too low.  And, there was nowhere to go in between the two.  This is why the Hitachi (despite its awesome power) has never been one of my most favorite vibrators.  Well, BodyWand has fixed this problem, and you can dial up the power to suit your needs.

Vibrations.  The BodyWand also shines in this area as well, because on max power (dialed all the way up), the thuddy, deep vibrations are as strong if not stronger than the Hitachi.  I tested the two together and could find little difference in power.  For me, I didn’t need to actually use it dialed up to MAX, as about half way gave me the perfect orgasm power.

I found the Original BodyWand Massager more comfortable in my hand, and it actually nestled better between my thighs than the Hitachi.  It is still a weighty vibrator, but you shouldn’t have to use it for long for clitoral massage, as it will get you there quickly.

So, all things considered, the Original BodyWand Massager is far superior to the Hitachi and is an excellent vibrator.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Length- 12.5”
  • Circumference- 6 3/4″
  • Diameter- 2 3/8″
  • Cord- 4’

The BodyWand Rechargeable Massager

You all know how I am a big fan of rechargeable vibes.  So, thank you to the manufacturer’s of the BodyWand for coming up with the BodyWand Rechargeable Massager.  Yippee!

The BodyWand Rechargeable Massager is about half the size of the Original BodyWand Massager (6” in length with a 1½“ diameter).  It comes with a plug-in recharger cord and a storage bag and is available in two colors Lavender and Tea Green.

Being rechargeable means you are not limited by a cord and can use it anywhere, except in or near water as it is not waterproof.  To charge, plug the cord to the massager, then into your wall socket and wait about half an hour, until the red charging indicator light stops blinking and it is fully charged.  It will last approximately 1 hour on a full charge, so plenty of time to get you off.

For a rechargeable massager this has very good powerful vibrations.  While not quite as powerful as the Original, it comes fairly close.  It also features a dial to dial your power from low to high, and vibrations range from tingly to deep, thuddy vibrations.

The BodyWand Rechargeable Massager is my new go to vibe, as its vibrations are awesome, and I love that it is cordless and also rechargeable.  It is the bomb.  Oh, and it also comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Length- 6”
  • Diameter- 1 1/2″
  • Cordless- Rechargeable lithium ion battery

The BodyWand Mini Massager

The Bodywand Mini Massager is super cute.  It comes on Pink with little rhinestones at the base.  It is super small, about the length of your index finger, so very discreet, can fit into your purse and is perfect for travel as well.

This little mini has powerful vibrations for its size, but are more buzzy and high-pitched, than thuddy and deep.  The vibrations are controlled by the small dial at the base and go from mosquito to hummingbird intensity.  I got off with it no problem, it just took a bit longer than it would have with either of the above massagers.  Still, it is a perfect little jewel if you are staying at someone’s place and need a quiet little pick me up in the middle of the night.  It is powered by 6 LR44 watch batteries, all of which are included.

This would make a great beginner’s vibe or as I said is perfect for discreet play and travel.


  • Length- 4”
  • Diameter- 1”
  • Batteries- 6 LR44 watch batteries (included)

So that is the low down on this great new line of BodyWand massagers that is sure to give Hitachi a run for its money.  You can check all three of these out at

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    see, i got the mini from you and I LOVE It!! i never had a massage before and it was great to add to the collection. i have my eye on the other ones as well.

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