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Introducing Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights is a new glass product line by an innovative luxury sex toy company  The whole idea around the company is to offer high quality, hand-crafted, luxury sex toys to consumers that are beautifully designed with attention to detail.

Crystal Delights Plug

The Crystal Delights Plug is a gorgeous looking butt plug.  The glass itself is absolutely clear and flawless Pyrex, shining brightly from the sun streaming in my window with faucets of light shimmering like diamonds.  It features an authentic Swarovski crystal at the base for sexy butt jewelry bling that comes in Clear, Aurora Borealis, Rose Pink and Mint Green.  The plug has an elongated head and stem which allows for easier insertion as well as added comfort when wearing for prolonged periods of time.  And, since butt plugs are meant to be worn, not merely inserted and removed, this attention to detail makes this plug unique.  With a 1 ½ inch diameter and a ½ inch stem, with 5 inches in total length, this plug is ideal for anal training and beginners as it is not formidable.  The glass material also makes it quite easy to insert with just a bit of lubricant.  However, I think anal connoisseurs of all experience levels would love this plug as, while it is not huge, it is substantial enough to feel the erotic sensation of being filled, as well as stay put because of the bulbous shaped end.  The base is also larger and more flared than most glass plugs I have seen so no worries about slipping inside.  Although I have reviewed other butt plugs with booty bling, none of them have been of this high quality or made to mold as comfortably with the body as the Crystal Delights Plug.

Protective Pouch

This is what I mean by attention to detail.  Many glass sex toys come with their own pouch, but most are fuzzy padded things that look more like your grandmother’s slippers than an elegant toy case.  I absolutely love Crystal Delights protective pouch that is sure to keep your toy nice and safe, but also is a sexy little package that finishes the product perfectly and speaks to its quality.  The pouch is like a sexy little black purse that is two-textured—velvety on one site and quilted faux leather on the other.  You slip your Crystal Delights Plug inside the purse part, roll it up and then hold it together with two elastics.  It is a very clever design that is practical, classy and chic.  If that were not enough, the entire product comes wrapped in soft tissue paper that is elegant and perfectly gift-wrapped, but also keeps the product safe during shipping.  So both the glass product and the wrapping are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

To Use

Glass butt plugs are great for women to use during partner sex, or with masturbation.  First of all, they fill the butt up nicely and sexually charge the erotic nerve endings in the anus.  Second, the skin between the anus and vagina is thin, so partners can also feel the sensation of the plug’s grooves and the vagina also feels tighter.  Third, the woman will feel both sensations simultaneously of being filled anally and penetrated vaginally to increase overall arousal.

Pyrex Glass

Pyrex glass is the highest quality glass for sex toys and is body safe, the only type proven to be safe for internal use.  The smooth texture of glass is unlike any other material, it is so sensuous, and that alone makes glass a very erotic material for sex toys.

“There is actually no material that can quite compare to the feeling of glass. Its cool, sleek surface feels amazing when used for penetration and requires very little lubricant. Glass also transmits temperature well, so it’s the perfect sex toy for cooling down or heating up for trying various sensations. Finally, although you might think glass would be “too” hard of a material for a sex toy, think again. Although glass is very firm (and hard) this actually works in its favor, as the G-spot responds best to firm sex toys, and some of the very best G-spot toys are made of glass…

Glass is made from silica (or sand), a natural occurring element that is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.  So this makes it (along with wood and ceramic sex toys) a popular choice among “green” enthusiasts who want to leave a less formidable carbon footprint on the earth. Not only is glass good for the planet, but it is body-friendly as well.  This means that glass (unlike jelly and some other sex toy materials) is non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize, and phthalate-free.”—Glass Sex Toys: Are They Safe? By Domina Doll on Carnal Nation

Crystal Delights Glass Butt Plugs are the ultimate in quality, luxury design.  They are exquisite designer products that are tres chic, classy, body and earth friendly, as well as smartly and elegantly packaged.  Like Quentin Tarantino says in his film Four Rooms (1995): “This is Crystal! Everything else is just piss!”

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