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Pocket Rocket Plus – Revisited

Years ago, one of my very first vibes was the Original Pocket Rocket.  At the time, and for two years later, it was the vibe I went to for getting the job done.  Over time however, your appetites change, you become desensitized to certain dishes and need to add more spices.

Once I started doing sex toy reviews, I was of course introduced to many new, sophisticated products.  Still, the Pocket Rocket was my first love, and you never forget your first love.  Then, Doc Johnson introduced the new and improved Pocket Rocket Plus, a great advancement over the original Rocket.

Created from hard plastic like the original, the Pocket Rocket Plus offers 3 speeds of vibration, rather than only one.  While it is still simple in design, and takes only two AA batteries, the second and third speeds blow the Original away.  Despite being small, the 3rd speed packs a powerful buzz that works wonders on the clitoris and is as powerful as any mini clitoral vibe.  Setting one is about the same as the original, speed two will get you there faster, but speed three is the bomb.

Like the Original, the Pocket Rocket Plus’ head has a removable cap that features three metallic beads that are designed to stimulate the clitoris from all sides. It works great to tickles the sides or top of the clitoris, or by applying direct contact.

The Pocket Rocket Plus is the perfect clitoral vibe for beginners, as it is very affordable, simple to use, has varying speeds which allow one to start slow and grow with the vibe, and is sturdy so will last a long time.  Plus, they come in a wide range of colors to match your personality.  I sold many Pocket Rocket Plus vibes when I worked at the brick and mortar shop, and I would still recommend this as the number 1 vibe for novices just starting out.  If you want something powerful, small and discrete that works, but don’t have a big budget, the Pocket Rocket Plus is the vibe for you.

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