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Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang

better than chocolate vibrator by nomi tang

Pop Quiz.  What is the popular new luxury vibrator that is flying off sex shops shelves? The “Better Than Chocolate” clitoral vibrator by Nomi Tang.

Women have long compared the endorphin effects of eating chocolate to orgasm and sex.  Is sex better than chocolate?  For me, I would have to pick sex, although chocolate comes in a very close second.  But, can a vibrator make the same claim?  Let’s take a look and see!


The Better Than Chocolate vibrator is the first “sensual accessory” by new luxury sex toy designer, Nomi Tang, a company that specializes in “premium sensual consumer goods”.  The futuristic Utopian shape is reminiscent of a whimsical space craft, featuring an ergonomically curved body with two “wings” on top that make this toy very comfortable to position and hold.  This curve also molds perfectly to the vulva and public mound, effectively massaging the entire region with fluttering vibrations.  The sensuous rounded tip of this vibe feels similar to a lover’s tongue when used to stroke and circle the clitoris.

Control Strip

The coolest feature of this vibrator is the innovative touch-pad strip that is positioned for easy index finger control, while the [on|off] button is at the base so there is no worry of turning the toy off accidentally while you are in the “heat of the moment”.  You turn it on, and then you can touch one end of the touch-pad to cycle through the various pulsating patterns, slide your finger along the strip to increase intensity, and when you find the perfect setting simply tap the other end of the strip to lock it in place.


The vibrations are from mild to medium intensity with a range of osculating and pulsating settings to try.  Many clitoral vibrators these days have various settings, which is interesting, but I always find the straight-forward constant vibration works the best for stimulating the clitoris.  While the vibrations could be stronger, that is not to say they don’t deliver. For, the Better than Chocolate needs to be explored like a lover: slowly, sensually, taking the time to explore your body and sensations.  It has the most sensuous smooth coating, somewhat like silicone by much more delicious, with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate texture, which feels unlike any sex toy I have ever tried.  The unique design features a sensuous rounded tip that strokes you like a lover’s tongue.  This little tongue-like tip feels amazing, circling around your clitoris, licking up and down and back and forth.  I found the best way to use this vibe was with constant movement to allow yourself to slowly build up to a luscious climax. This vibe was not designed to be a power tool like the Hitachi.  It is meant to slowly, softly explore and stimulate your hot spots as you take the time to fully pleasure yourself.

better than chocolate vibrator by nomi tang


You can always tell a luxury sex toy by the way it is packaged.  Like many other luxury pleasure objects I have tried, the Better Than Chocolate comes in a lovely white textured box with a flip open top, similar to a jewel box.  Inside, the vibrator rests on a white velvet lining and includes a little user manual and storage bag.  The presentation of this product as well as the quality makes it an ideal gift.  Pair it with JimmyJane’s Black Cocoa & Fig Ember Massage Candle and it really is better than chocolate.

Coco de Mer USA

Thank you to Coco de Mer USA for allowing me to review the “Better Than Chocolate” vibrator by Nomi Tang.  Coco de Mer is an erotic luxury sex shop who feels “unashamedly about sex.” They carry a luxurious line of sensual and designer sex products, yet have various products that are affordable for most pocket books for when you want to indulge in sumptuous debauchery.

UPDATE- Seriously, if you want this awesome vibrator you better pick one up quick, cause they keep selling out! “Better Than Chocolate”!!

Coco de Mer Erotic Luxury – Designer Sex Toys & Lingerie

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  1. Nomi Tang says:

    Dear Domina Doll,

    Thank you so much for your extensive review on ‘better than chocolate’. I feel absolutely flattered and cajoled.

    Please link up with me on facebook, so that I can keep you updated about my new range of classical vibrators which will be launched early next year^^


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