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Pocket Panties –

I recently stumbled across this site, contacted the owner – who makes all the products by hand – and decided it was worth sharing.

See here’s the angle:

It’s Friday afternoon and you were just invited out to happy hour with that hottie you have salivated over for weeks. Funny how this happens when it’s the end of the week and time to do laundry. What happens if you get lucky and he discovers you are wearing your granny panties because nothing else was clean? Life couldn’t get more uncomfortable than this. is selling the best idea ever for just this type of occasion: Pocket Panties.  The panties are packaged in a small velour pouch you can stash in your purse just in case. The sexy thongs are decorated with Swarovski Crystals making them even hotter with just a minimum of lighting.   Now, what guy (or girl) wouldn’t be turned on by a pair of sparkling panties?

The site features 6 different color lacy thongs and there are multiple designs to choose from.

To check out the full selection and read about their Panty of the Month club, visit the site at


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