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The Fenis- A Stand To Pee Device

My apologies to Ryan Hale, inventor of the Fenis, as I received this product a while ago and it’s taken me a while to do the review.  In my defense, I wanted to show them pitching their idea to a TV show called “Dragon’s Den” and it took me a while before I could capture the video from that episode and upload it.

Without further ado…

The Fenis is a “portable gadget that can put men and women on equal footing in the bathroom”, invented by Ryan Hale and his partner Elizabeth McCarthy, two entrepreneurs from Halifax, Nova Scotia (my home town).  Basically, it is a device that allows women to pee standing up, but I like Ryan’s explanation of it better: “…inspired by nature’s own design, intended to bridge the physical gap between the way men and women urinate”.

Now, perhaps you are the kind of woman who has never had “penis envy” and enjoys to squat, but from a young age I always wanted to be able to stand up and pee like my younger brother.  In fact, I tried to invent (at the age of about eight) my very own “Fenis”, using a paper toilet roll and masking tape.  It was quite a process, trying to get the right size and fit, then taping the prototype to my vulva.  Sadly, my invention didn’t work out…  It leaked terribly, and since then I have always been a squatter.  Very disappointing.  It’s too bad I didn’t know Ryan as a kid, as we may have come up with this invention years ago.

The Fenis is a novel idea, and as you will see in this video of the Dragon’s Den, an idea that most conservative people do not take seriously.  While I’m not surprised, I was kind of offended by the childish manner in which these so-called professionals treated Ryan and his invention, giggling like school kids and making jokes.  It shows you just how uncomfortable people still are in regards to sexuality and sexual anatomy.  And, while the idea itself may sound a bit silly (a girl peeing like a boy), it is actually a very smart product and does legitimately answer an age old problem.

I would also like to salute Ryan with coming up with a cool invention and having the guts to stand in front of the Dragons and make a pitch.  The Dragon’s are notoriously hard on anyone who comes in with a “sexuality” type product, and even though the Fenis isn’t a sex toy, Dragon Arlene  implies that it is the same type of product by asking if it comes with batteries.  Haha, good one!  I think Ryan does an excellent job explaining his product in a very professional manner.  So, hats off to him.

Like Ryan explains in the video, the main application of the Fenis is so women don’t have to squat on filthy bathroom toilet seats.  I don’t know how many women put toilet paper on seats (like bacteria can’t go through the pores in thin tissue), or even worse squat above the seat and end up making a mess.  The Fenis eliminates both problems and allows you to pee standing up (unzip your fly or lift your skirt, position the Fenis, then let it flow).  Not only is the Fenis great for indoor toilet use, it is perfect for camping and outdoor excursions when you would rather not be squatting like a bear in the woods.  And, we all know what campground toilets are like!  Ugh!

Does it work?  Yes, the Fenis works very well in fact.  Because it is made of soft silicone material it is easy to position so you don’t get leakage.  Also, because of the soft supple material it is very compact and can fit in easily in a small container in your purse, pocket or knapsack once cleaned (PS: A small package of handy-wipes is all you need for a fast clean up).  I have tried other “STP” (Stand To Pee) devices like the P Style which is made of hard, rigid plastic (much harder to position, and worse to carry discretely), and it just doesn’t measure up to the cleverly named Fenis.

So, if you are phallically-challenged (and I believe at least half the population or more is so) and want to be able to pee standing up (or write your name in the snow!), the Fenis is for you.  Perfect now for the summer for camping, outdoor concerts, folk fests and more!  Plus, comes in a whole spectrum of cool colors to show of to your friends (Hey, look at me, I can pee standing up!).

And, all I can say to the Dragon’s is you guys got to grow up.  This is a great product!

The Fenis is a newly launched product that is hand-made and can only be ordered from their website as the creator does not have distribution yet. Visit for more information, to order, or if you are a savvy distributor looking for a very cool product!

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  1. I’ve never watched the Dragon’s Den, but good to see I’m not missing anything worth watching! This looks like a great product.

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