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Erotic Jewelry

Pocket Panties – 0

Pocket Panties –

I recently stumbled across this site, contacted the owner – who makes all the products by hand – and decided it was worth sharing. See here’s the angle: It’s Friday afternoon and you were just invited out to happy hour with that hottie you have salivated over for weeks. Funny... 0

My Forever Crystal Dangle Belly Button Jewelry is a delightful little online boutique that specializes in non-piercing body jewelry.  In addition to non-piercing jewelry, they also have piercing jewelry, temporary tattoos and adult toys including the amazing My Celebrator vibrator that I had a chance to recently review at...

Arabesque Clit Caresser 11

Arabesque Clit Caresser

I like jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, and facial piercings.  But, I’ve never felt the need to go get a clitoral or hood piercing.  I like my clit just the way it is, and I have no problem with sensitivity issues, so really I never had any desire for a clitoral...