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PinkCherry Premium Lube Review

If you have read any of my lube reviews or my article, “Lubes 101–Harmful Chemicals and Body Burden” you will know, I am super picky when it comers to personal lubricants.  So, there are very few lubes I give the personal OK to.  PinkCherry Premium Lube from (or .ca in Canada), is one of those lubes that I do like and endorse.

First it is a water-based lubricant which I prefer over silicone based lubes for my lady parts (for guys, I like using silicone based lubes for hand jobs, and sometimes for penetration as well).  But, for just me, water based is the way to go.

Second, this lube has a lot of nice stuff in it like Aloe, chamomile, comfry and other plants extracts which makes it very soothing to use.

Third, this lube lasts super long for a water based lube.  In fact, I was using it to give my BF a hand job, after we had been using a silicone lube that got horribly sticky.  So, I switched to this lube to finish, and it did not get sticky or run out of slippery power for a long time.  So, I was super impressed.

Aside from that, I love it for solo masturbation with my favorite vibe and it is really amazing for sex as well.

The only thing I didn’t like about this lube was there are a few parabens in this product.  However, I never had any sensitivity issues with it at all, and my skin is super sensitive to that sort of thing.

Despite that, this is a quality lubricant, great for just about everything, long lasting and non-sticky.

You can get this lube at, where they have lots of other quality lubricants!

Get ‘er done!

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