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Obama wins Good Head Award!


Weird Sex Toy Month continues… with the Obama Dildo.

US President Barrack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize and blows up the moon on the same day!

“Early Friday morning, it was announced by the Nobel Foundation that America’s first black president, Barack Obama, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

As news was spreading of Obama’s Peace Prize victory around a still-sleepy Washington, two NASA space vehicles were kamakazied into the moon. It was the first ever bombing of the moon in an attempt to confirm the theory that water lurks below the surface of the moon – as opposed to the other theory that the moon is made of cheese.”—

Well, I am awarding Obama another prize—The “Good Head” Award, for his lifelike Head O State Obama Dildo that “gives good head”.  Yes, I admit the award is quite a bit cheesier than the moon, and although this sex toy is not endorsed by Obama, he certainly did inspire it!

Look at the big balls on Obama!

You could say that Obama has balls, big balls indeed if his Head O State dildo is an indication.  The Head O State Obama Dildo measures 6 ½ insertable inches and features a big head with smiling face that really resembles Obama, and a huge set of nuts.  It comes in Democratic Blue and Presidential Gold.  I have the Gold one.  It is made of TPR or phthalate-free thermoplastic rubber.  While TPR may not contain phthalates, it could contain other nasty chemical compounds that you may not want to put inside of you.  Unlike other TPR dildos I have seen and smelled, this one doesn’t have much of a chemical odor.  TPR is also porous, unlike silicone, so using a condom on Obama’s big ole head is recommended.

The girth of this dildo is quite satisfying and that big head is great for G-spot stimulation.  And, while you may have issues about sticking Obama where the sun don’t shine, I had no such qualms.  I mean, it’s a dildo, and a funny dildo at that!  Great for a practical joke, for collectors to want to obtain weird Obama memorabilia, or for freaks who get off on masturbating with sex toys that look like famous people.

Too bad they didn’t make a George W. Bush anal plug.  I could have given him the “Biggest Asshole Award”!

If you are a freak like me and appreciate strange sex toys you can purchase the Obama Dildo in my online sex toy shop!

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5 Responses

  1. PGell says:

    I love my vibe, but there is something about this that I find deeply (oops) disturbing and more than a tiny bit disrespectful. I have a good sense of humor, but IMO, Obama deserves our respect.

    I love my vibe, but I don’t really “respect” him. After all, he does a lot of things I wouldn’t do alone. 😉

    I respect the President and find this toy unsavory.

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