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“Royal Treatment” Erotic Book Review

"Royal Treatment" Erotic Book

Royal Treatment” is a full-length erotic novel written by Cecilia Tan. It’s published as an e-book and deals with erotic dominance and submission themes. The e-bookk is 70 pages long and comes in a PDF format. The word on the pages is easy to read, and I found it easiest to read with one page displayed on the screen at a time. The book is split into ten separate chapters, but it is all just one large erotic story – not multiple small ones.

This book takes place in the Kylar Universe much like her other books “Edge Play” and “Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords”. Like in both of those books, we follow one half of my favorite pairing – Arshan – during his initial training rituals. For those that don’t know, the Kylar Universe in one in which every person was initially considered a slave or a Master. This was originally a traditional way of doing things and every position included honor – the slave was honored to be able to serve while the Master was honored to have someone that desired to serve him.

However, this book takes place in “modern” times when the original Kylar belief has been perverted with the rise in power. In this book, there’s mentions of rape in order to achieve power over another and instances of Masters owning slaves just for the sake of having more slaves to show off. It also mentions a princess being forced into being a Dominant even though her true desire is a submissive just because the family doesn’t want a submissive in their bloodline. It’s basically a novel about Arshan – someone who was raised with traditional beliefs – attempting to survive in a household where the “modern” beliefs are running rampant.

With that, I suppose you’re probably curious what the storyline is. The basic storyline follows Arshan – a slave who has been trained by his father to be noble and kind. An officer of the court comes to fetch Arshan – saying that the Princess has summoned him to her court. It turns out that the Princess has summoned a circle – that is, a group of seven slaves from which she will pick her favorite to become her slave. The first night there, Arshan gets into trouble, and the rest of the novel details the punishment he receives. The punishment includes being the lowest of the totem pole – each of the other slaves is given Arshan as their own slave for a night. The book is basically split into different parts – with each part being a night with each of the six people.

Each night details different activities. While there is some “purely” sexual scenes where Arshan has sex or gives oral sex for pleasure, this book does deal with some pretty rough “themes”. There’s some rough flogging to the point of bleeding, lots of electrocution and pain, pain just for the sake of breaking a person, and mentions of rape. There were some really hot sex scenes where both participants were really into it, but since most of the book was set as follow Arshan’s punishment, most of the scenes were set with Arshan not enjoying himself – including the night where he is forbidden to ejaculate while two women take turns trying to break his will.

The novel itself is written amazingly. The writing captured me and basically refused to let go. The novel isn’t amazingly long – I read it within an hour and a half, but I’m a fast reader. However, reading it was really enjoyable. When the book was over, I found myself very disappointed that there wasn’t any more story. While only about half of the book deals with sex scenes specifically, the entire universe in which the book is written is very erotic which makes the read seem like a nice, soft erotica instead of always throwing sex in your face all of the time. It’s one of those novels that makes you wish you were there in universe – it captures you just like a regular book would, but in this adult book, you get the benefit of hot scenes as well.

While I was so-so on the first Cecilia Tan book I read, I find myself really getting absorbed into the books about the Kylar universe. I’m sad that this is the last one available for me to read. Her writing is soft, sensual, and just glides you through the entire reading. If you are a fan of sexual dominance and submission, this is a book that you should add to your must-read list. I can only hope it will become as famous as “The Story of O’. Torquere Books sells “Royal Treatment” for just a couple dollars – it’s worth checking out.

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