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Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation (2006)
Studio: Adam & Eve
Director: Ernest Greene
Cast: Hartley, Mika Tan, Anna Mills, Angela Stone, Trent Solauri

I have reviewed a few of Nina Hartley’s Guides so far including Nina Hartley’s Guide To G-Spot Sex [my review], Nina Hartley’s Guide To Erotic Bondage [my review], and Nina Hartley’s Guide To Threesomes: Two Girls and a Guy [my review].  But, Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation is by far the best I’ve seen to date.

The film begins with the typical Nina chat where Nina recruits a sexy porn star-this time Mika Tan-to discuss the topic of the film: female ejaculation.  Nina notes in “behind-the-scenes” that she wanted to work with Mika because she is so intelligent and funny.  I have to wholeheartedly agree and Mika is wonderful with her pre-scripted lines, bringing them to life and adding a saucy punch line to Nina’s educational talk.  The thing I enjoy most about Nina’s guides are these educational talks that explore, in this case, the physiology of the female anatomy and how and why female ejaculation does or doesn’t work.  I really don’t watch these films for the porn aspects, but for the how-to aspects, which I find to be much more valuable and entertaining.  If the porn is hot, then that is just an added bonus.

For a novice who has never squirted and wants to learn how, this film would be an excellent guide.  For someone like myself who can squirt and is fairly knowledgeable about sexual anatomy, you may learn a few knew things as well.  I know I did.  One thing Nina mentions is the fact that she has never squirted, even after years of trying different methods.  I thought this was a bit strange, given her knowledge and experience.  Why can’t Nina squirt?  Well, it turns out that some women who can’t squirt may be unable due to an anatomical reality. Their urethra opening is quite close to their vagina opening during penetrative intercourse or with a toy, the urethra goes into the vagina and blocks the ejaculate from coming out, resulting in a retrograde ejaculation, in which the ejaculate fluid is drawn into the bladder, rather than squirting out.  Now I’ve heard of retrograde ejaculation before in both men and women and many sexologists think that all women ejaculate, but for most it is the retrograde type.  I didn’t realize however, that it may be an anatomical difference in their genitals that could be blocking the ejaculation, but it does make sense.  This film will also give you many other interesting facts about female anatomy, female ejaculation and teach you to ejaculate, as it is a skill that can be learned through various techniques.

This brings us to Nina’s demo with her willing subject, cutie Anna Mills.  Before the film, Nina gave Anna a book to read on female ejaculation (wish she had of said which one!) which Anna studied to prepare for her scene.  Before reading this book, Anna had never attempted to ejaculate before, or even done so by “accident”, which happens to many women.  She actually learned to do this from reading a book and practicing.  Unfortunately, Nina read the same book without the same results.  One of the things to help prepare you for learning to ejaculate is building strong PC muscles by doing kegels.  Nina and Anna touch on this in the demo, when Anna clenches a dildo with her vice-like pussy and Nina can’t tug it out.  Pretty powerful.  After some warm-up foreplay, when Anna’s G-spot becomes engorged with ejaculate fluid, Nina uses a vertical speculum and the viewer get s a good close-up look at the G-spot when aroused.  This is really amazing, and I think every woman (and man who wants to please a woman) should see a G-spot like this, because the female anatomy makes so much more sense when you know how it works.

Nina and Anna demonstrate many G-spot toys on Anna, including the very effective Njoy Pure Wand.  Anna squirts immediately as soon as she inserts the toy by pressing it up against her engorged G-spot, without even having an orgasm.  Wow!  There’s another thing I didn’t know, that women can ejaculate without orgasm.  The Njoy Pure wand is definitely an amazing G-spot toy (one that I haven’t had the opportunity to review yet!-so if someone wants to send me one…).  At one point during the scene Nina also applies a clitoral pump to Anna’s clit that really engorges it. Rather loud machine, but wow, seriously awesome as it turns Anna’s clit into a little penis.  Nina explains that it feels like a lover super sucking on your clit.  Sounds great to me.  This scene is very informative, hot (Anna squirts 6 or 7 times, I lost count), and playful (both Nina and Anna are giggling the whole way through it and both seem amazed at what Anna has learned to do).  Oh, and I also love the fact that Nina uses black latex gloves to protect Anna from fingernails scrapes when she fingers and fists her.

The final scene of the film features Angela Stone and Trent Solauri.  This I guess would be the porn section of the film, where the viewer can see what hetero sex might be like out of the “laboratory” and in a “real-life” scenario.  Angela says (in the behind-the-scenes) that she has been ejaculating like forever and she can do so with out even masturbating. Some girls have all the luck.  She does manage to gush fairly copiously at the end of the scene which is very impressive as a geyser gushes from her like Old Faithful, but the scene itself is nothing much to rave about.  Just your regular mainstream porn making sure they do all the right positions.  This scene did nothing for me, but it might be hot for others who knows.  Still, I think the value in these guides is due to the talk and demos, rather than the porn aspect, so this film doesn’t loose too many points for me for this scene alone.

Nina’s guides always have an after the film interview and a behind-the-scenes.  In her interview, Nina talks more about the mental and emotional aspects of female sexuality and how important it is that women are comfortable with their bodies in order to achieve female ejaculation.  She also urges women not to be embarrassed if it happens involuntarily as this is a natural bodily function.  She also talks about how female ejaculation has been suppressed by views of women being non-sexual beings, and that in ages past (ancient Greece for instance) female ejaculation was common and celebrated.  Finally, Nina gets on a kick about men who think female ejaculation is gross and that rather than think it is a problem with the woman, men should the reasons why they feel this way, as it is a socially conditioned response.  She actually gets a bit miffed by the end and says: “If you really don’t like it… you need more help than I can give you here”.

The behind-the-scenes in this film shows Nina and her co-stars getting ready for their scenes.  Ernest Greene, Nina’s partner, is in this quite a bit.  He seems like a happy perv who likes to get in and help a bit with some hands-on with the girls, which isn’t surprising since Nina is quite a perv herself.  You can see the camaraderie between Nina and Anna here who are very good friends.

Adam and Eve also adds a bonus scene in all of Nina’s guides, and this one is not too bad.  It is a scene from “The Contractor” featuring a buff construction worker Anthony Hardwood and construction girl Taryn Thomas who get down and dirty on the heavy equipment.  Anthony has an amazing built body and Taryn is a sexy brunette who is pretty sweet until she gets verbal diarrhea and won’t shut-up.  Not a bad scene if played in mute.

So that’s Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation in a nutshell.  This is a fabulous guide on the subject and I think it would be helpful for women and couples who would like to learn how to squirt.  In fact, I would rename it: “Squirting for Dummies” as the guide makes it that easy to learn how to do it yourself.  Again, I don’t recommend it for the porn portions, but I really don’t think that is what people are interested in when they buy this film.  The educational aspects are excellent.

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