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Elise by Lelo

When it comes to luxury “lust objectified” sex toys, Lelo is divine.  I have been a fan of Lelo ever since I played with lovely Lily (my review) and her chic little sister Nea (my review).  Then I found Gigi (my review) and I had fantasies of being stranded on a desert island with her.  In Luna Beads (my review) I found the perfect work-out partner for doing kegels with, helping to keep my PC muscles strong.  Her aunts Liv and Iris were saucy and sweet, yet I still craved something more.  Something more substantial in length and girth, something more elegant and stylish.  Then I found Elise.

Ah, Elise!  She is a lover, like no other.  Elise is the Diva of the Femme line of Lelo’s pleasure objects and retails just under $117 US.  She is both a clitoral vibrator and a G-spot stimulator in one with an overall length of 8 ¼” by a 4 ½” circumference.  This significant length and girth make her the largest pleasure object of the Lelo Femme line.  She is much more satisfying than Gigi and Liv, yet with a rounded shape I find more pleasurable than Iris’ textured-petal body.

Her body is sensually formed with smooth feminine curves and a rounded G-spot head.  Available in matte black and plum colors, she is made of ABS plastic, with a lush skin of body-friendly medical-grade silicone.  Her subtle curves and velvety flesh tempt your sense of touch and beg to caress every inch of your body.

Elise has two vibration motors: one in the rounded head and the other down the shaft.  These vibrations work in tandem to shoot vibrations up and down the shaft, depending on which of the five cycling patterns you choose, mimicking penetrative sex.  Some of these patterns make the vibe feel like it is undulating inside of you, while others feel like a thrusting motion. Still others feel like a soft thumping sensation that works perfect for the G-spot.  These vibrations are incredibly sophisticated and all the modes feel absolutely delicious.  In addition to that, the Elise has several speeds and is quite powerful on the highest setting, much more powerful in fact that most internal vibrators due to this dual vibration design.  Despite all this, Elise is whisper-quiet and very discrete.  She will never divulge your sexy secrets and may be the only a lover who will never let you down.

Like Lelo’s other insertable vibrators, Elise features a LED control pad at the base with [+] [-] options to turn her off and on, and accelerate her vibrations, as well as [^] [v] controls that allow you to cycle through her throbbing undulations.  Elise is a rechargeable vibe, comes with a plug-in charger and takes about two hours before she is ready to pleasure you.  Finally, Elise comes in a black lovely storage gift box embossed with the Lelo brand and includes a black satin storage bag, 1 year warranty and instruction booklet.

Elise is the Divine Diva of the Lelo line and my favorite Lelo toy to date next to Gigi.  If Lelo ever decided to combine Gigi’s head with Elise’s body, it would be a match made in pleasure heaven.

You can purchase all the Lelo pleasure objects mentioned in this review including Elise at my Sex Toy Shop.

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  1. January 11, 2013

    […] while back I reviewed the Elise [my review] and today I bring you her younger sister Liv.  In shape, these toys are pretty well identical.  […]

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