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Noir Vegan Blindfold Review & Contest

Today I am reviewing the Noir Vegan Blindfold by Sportsheets from

But first!  Here are the details on how you can win one too!

To enter the contest, do the following to get 1 entry each:

  1. Leave us comment on this page telling us you want to Win the Dual Locking Suction Handle. You have to do this one to win, and be willing to send us your address so we can send you your prize if you win.  The other ways to enter below will give you 1 extra entry, and while not mandatory, we truly appreciate your support!
  2. Tell us 1 eco-friendly thing you pledge to do to help make the world greener.  (This can be eliminating toxic ingredients from your products, recycling, planting a tree or garden, using greener products, using energy saving light bulbs or whatever you want to do).  We would also love it if you would PLEDGE this for our “a Billion Acts of Green®” page as well.
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Noir Vegan Blindfold Review

My best friend is Vegan.  I remember the day she gathered all her leather boots, jackets and skirts and gave them all away.  It was very important to her not to own any products made by animal by-products or tested on animals, and it still is.  And, I wanted to include Vegan products in my Green Sex Toy Month, because animals are also part of the planet (a big part in my opinion) we are trying to save.

But, for a kinky people, it is very hard to find nice, affordable non-leather bondage gear unless you buy nylon, which is not always very sexy.

Introducing the Noir “100% Cruelty Free” Vegan Blindfold by Sportsheets.  Noir products are such a great idea, I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of it before.  Leave it to Sportsheets to come up with such a simple, yet innovative product.

Made of durable, yet flexible vinyl, the Noir Blindfold looks and feels like leather.  The vinyl side features a patent leather-look pattern with black stitching, while the inside looks and feels like short, velvety faux-fur, so very soft and comfortable against the skin.  The blindfold attaches by a thick elastic band.  It would have been nicer to have an adjustable buckle, but the elastic band does work well and allows the blindfold to fit snuggly, so no peeking.

Best of all for Vegans and animal lovers, the company assures you that the Noir line contains no animal products.

The  Noir Vegan Blindfold is from where you can get 15% off the month of April with the coupon code GOGREEN.

Enter to win the Noir Vegan Blindfold by commenting below.

Good luck!

(Contest open to adult 18+ in the continental US and Canada only).

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  1. J Lavoie says:

    Very cool idea. I’d love to win one.

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    What a great idea! I would love to win one.

  3. Tenuki Tea says:

    Excellent idea and as a vegan, I would love to win it!

  4. Atrophia says:

    Ooh, nice, I would like to win this.

  5. macho99 says:

    I’d love to win!

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