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Miracle Massager Vibrator Review

Find out the difference in this comparison vibrator review of the Miracle Massager and the Hitachi Magic Wand, two plug in massagers (vibrators). Which vibrator is better?

I recently received the Miracle Massager and had the chance to try it out fives times before writing this review.  I used to own a Hitachi Magic Wand, and although I found it a great vibrator, it was never my cup of tea.  The Miracle Massager is just as intense as the Hitachi, but features a sleeker, sexier design, and is more lightweight and ergonomically designed.  The head is unique as well, as it bends with pressure and nestles comfortably into place. Read my review of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Miracle Massager is a great full body massager and I’ve used it for just that purpose.  It feels great on sore muscles and soothes away tension.  Its alterative function however, is for intense (and I do mean intense) clitoral stimulation.  You don’t even need to put it directly on your clit to feel the powerful vibrations, just simply lay it on the vulva and let it titillate the entire area.

This massager features two settings: low and intense.  I found the low setting was a good way to warm up with a bit of solo foreplay, before moving in for a knock-your-socks-off masturbation session.  The lower setting also allowed me to judge the power of the vibrations before I zapped my poor clit silly.  This setting was fine for a while, but I soon found I wanted more voltage, and wow did it get it when I clicked the setting up a notch.

Now, I’m all for power, but on “intense” this vibe is more like a power tool than a vibrator.  Of course, I’m used to small discreet mini-vibes that tickle and nuzzle, not rocking, throbbing jack hammer massagers.  It was really too much for me, putting me way over the pop-my-cherry Richter scale, so I put my sheet in between my vulva and the massager to make it a bit more bearable.  Even then I peaked to orgasm much too quickly.  There is no holding back with this vibe.

I had to take a night off of masturbation afterwards, because my clit was too sensitive to attempt another romp with the Miracle Massager.  On my second attempt, I tried the Accessory — a dual clitoral and G-spot stimulator that fits over the head of the massager.  The penetrative dildo part is slightly curved to maximize hitting the G-spot, and the clitoral part has soft, bumpy nubs that take away a bit of the intensity of the head.  I found this to be the most pleasurable way to use the vibe for me and the vibrations are strong enough to offer satisfying pleasure both internally and externally.

The last few times I’ve tried the vibe, I did so without the attachment, because I was damned and determined to find the best solution to using it as just as clitoral massager.  I used a damp washcloth in between my clit and the smooth bulbous head to lessen the intensity.  This did the trick, allowing me to get the power I wanted but not send me over the top too soon.

The Miracle Massager is a very powerful vibrator and I highly recommend it to women who want very intense vibration, or women who have trouble reaching orgasm through clitoral stimulation.  In my opinion, it is too intense for women with sensitive clits (heck I can come from a slight breeze!), unless used with a barrier or the attachment.  Still, it is a great toy for anyone who wants a full body massager and felt amazing when applied to the opening of my anus as it sent vibrations right through me.  I can think of countless other places that the Miracle Massager could pleasure, but I’ll leave some of that exploration for others to enjoy.

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