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A Cool Treat to Beat the Heat!


Okay, cheesy catch phrase, I know but I couldn’t resist. But, seriously… I have a confession to make. I have masturbated with popsicles before. I love popsicles in the summer and keep my freezer full. In addition to sucking on a few daily, I occasionally get the urge to use them elsewhere when the heat gets really unbearable. And, while it feels good at the time and is fun to do with oral sex and a partner, popsicles contain a lot of sugar and can leave a sticky mess. In addition to that, they don’t vibrate.

Introducing the Icegasm– the Popsicle for your Pussy. Using ice for temperature play is something I’ve always enjoyed, but I’ve never had a vibrating popsicle before. The Icegasm is a small popsicle-like kit, that is just like the popsicles you make and freeze yourself, except with one big difference. Each lid has a little screw-on thread that allows you to attach the frozen popsicle to a vibrating handle. The vibrator part is a pocket rocket-type vibe with an adapted head that allows you to screw your frozen ice-pop in place.

icegasm kit

The ice-pops are easy to make, just fill the molds with water and freeze 3-5 hours. There are four of them, so you should always be able to have at least one on hand in case of a heat-wave emergency.

The ice itself feels great on a hot, muggy day when you just can’t seem to get away from the heat. Days when you get out of a cold shower and you are still sweating. The vibration of the vibe is about the same intensity of the original pocket rocket, not sky-rocketing, but stimulating. I would say that the low, one-speed vibration makes this toy better for insertion than it does for clitoral play, although that feels good too, it is just not orgasm-producing for me. I would recommend to the manufacturers to try adapting the Pocket Rocket Plus or Rocket Booster for use as an Icegasm. Both of these toys deliver excellent vibrations which would be transmitted really well through the ice.

This is a great fun kit for the summer. Perfect for temperature play and cooling you down when the heat gets too hot to handle. Protect yourself from heat-stroke this summer and get an Icegasm!

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