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Mile High Airship Club Erotic Book Review

The Mile High Airship Club is an e-book recently launched by Decadent Publishing. The e-book is available in .pdf, HTML, .lit, .prc, and .epub. It’s about 7,000 words long, and it’s written by Dara England. It’s a 4 on Decadent Publishing’s Heat Level which is that the sex and language will be hot, graphic, and plentiful.

The e-book follows Lady Rose and her husband as she is invited to board the mysterious airship with her husband and the very-attractive captain, William. Living in high-class and with a very Victorian-feel to the plot, Lady Rose has no idea about the type of “club” that the Mile High Airship Club is!

This e-book is a short story that is longer than your average erotic anthology sex story but shorter than your average novella erotic story. It has 7,000 words which Decadent Publishing calls a “Short Story”.

The story is certainly short, but it’s still a good story. The first half of the story is spent learning about Lady Rose and the plot of the story, and the second half of the story talks about their time on the airship. During the airship, Lady Rose encounters a ton of new things she’s never seen such as “indecent” waitresses. It includes group sex scenes, bondage (tying up Lady Rose while others take “advantage” of her), and it’s all set in the steampunk/Victorian-type era. The sex mostly takes place in one really, large and long scene, but it’s still a lot of good reading, and if you like to re-read your erotica for later use, you’ll just want to re-read the second half of the story.

Overall, while it’s not the most unique e-book I’ve ever read, it’s still a good story, and it’s certainly erotic and entertaining for the price. If you like a Victoria-like story or enjoy stories with group sex, this erotic short story may be for you. You can purchase this Mile High Airship Club e-book for a VERY affordable price (under $2!) at the Decadent Publishing page. You also can read an excerpt of the e-book before purchasing as well!

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