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“Luscious” Erotic Reading Review

"Luscious" Erotic ReadingLuscious, a book of erotic stories published by Cleis Press and edited by Alison Tyler, is 245 pages long and includes 26 different short stories. Included authors include Shanna Germain, Alison Tyler, Eric Williams, Sage Vivant, and many others. The book is average in size, and itis comparable in size to most Cleis Press erotic books. The book does show a semi-nude butt on the front cover that is thinly veiled, so if you do want to read this in public, you’ll want to make sure to hide the cover while you read it.

As I’m sure you could guess by the tagline “Stories of Anal Eroticism“, this entire book is about anal eroticism. It focuses on anal activities and anal pleasures between couples. Sometimes the stories are between homosexual couples while the majority of the activities are between heterosexual couples. Many of the stories take place between couples in long-term relationships as well.

The activities in this Luscious erotica book are not limited to just anal sex. There is rimming as well as fingers used anally, tongues used anally, toys used anally, as well as anal sex. It’s not just limited to anal sex, though, and there are quite a few graphic descriptions of rimming if that’s something that bothers you. It’s nothing as “bad” as I’ve read in other anal erotica books, but there is descriptions of it.

The stories themselves, though, are pretty darned good! All of the stories, while not long, do include anal pleasure in some way or shape, and all of them do a good job of including foreplay or other sexual activities as well. Sometimes, there is an anal/butt fixation on the part of the characters, and other times, it’s just a couple exploring something new. No matter what, though, the stories are well-written and very erotic – even if it’s something I personally am not fond of in some cases.

For example, in “Tanya’s Tongue” by Thomas S. Roche, there’s a story about the girlfriend character “taking charge” during a bedroom flirting, and her boyfriend is surprised by the fact that she soon has her head near his butt. His reaction and the fact that he enjoys it so much is what makes this story so enjoyable to read.

Another sexy story was “You Want It?” by Jolie du Pre. In this story, the main character, who is a lesbian female, finds herself living at her mother’s house when her mother is having a party with the neighborhood women. Thankfully, one of the other neighborhood women brings over her daughter, and the two grown-women females spend time in the main character’s bedroom while the rest of the party is in the living room.

One of my favorites was “Something Dirty” by Erica Dumas which is an erotic story where a female bartender catches one of the guy’s attention from across the bar. She finds herself flirting with him, and when she finds that he has a motorcyle, it even goes more intense when he pulls over so he can enjoy her while she’s bent over his bike.

I do think that Luscious is a fantastic book of anal erotica for anyone who loves anal sex or anything to do with the butt. The stories are well-written without being crude (like sometimes erotica – especially anal erotica – can), and the stories span a whole spectrum of anal activities. They’re sexy, they’re fun to read, and they promote anal sex as a healthy aspect of human sexuality – what else can I ask for from my erotica? Thanks to Cleis Press for providing Luscious for my review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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