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Lunapanties by Lunapads

Thank Goddess my period is finally here!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally get to test out my new Lunapanties by Lunapads.  While that might not seem to be an exciting prospect, anything to make my periods less sufferable and messy is a plus.  I hate normal menstrual pads with a passion both because of how they feel on me and knowing I’m just throwing them out to pollute the earth.  So I was thrilled to find Lunapads and hear they had come out with new Lunapanties.

A friend of mine showed me her DivaCup a few years ago and I had wanted to try one.  But, because I rarely ever used tampons and mainly pads, they didn’t seem like the right solution for me.  Then I heard of the Lunapanties by Lunapads and it seemed like the perfect thing.  Rather than trying to find biodegradable pads, I could just buy reusable ones.

I got the Lunapanties Hipster Briefs with a single Long Liner.  They come in black and magenta organic cotton with 5% Lycra to make them fit nice and snug.  The Lunapanties feature a very absorbent layer of fleece at the crotch, so you can use them without the liner for light days.  For heavier days, pair them with the 12” long x 2.5” wide (30x6cm) Long Liner which is made from 2 layers of absorbent 100% cotton fleece and you are good to go for the entire day.  The liners are tucked under two bands of stretch jersey to hold them in place throughout the day and won’t slip out of place like traditional pads always did for me.

I was seriously surprised and impressed with how well the liners absorbed my flow.  I tested them on the first day of my period, even sleeping in them overnight and didn’t overflow.  The panties themselves fit so comfortable which is very important to me as I usually get major cramps and bloating, so having underwear that both supported and comforted me was bliss.  The panties even with the liners are so comfortable I barely noticed I was wearing them.  I actually felt like I was wearing a sexy pair black cotton briefs (which I was) so bonus points for making me even feel sexy on my period!

To clean the Lunapanties and liners, I simply threw them in the wash on cold with my other black underwear and clothes (using my biodegradable laundry detergent, of course!). If they are heavily stained, you can also presoak them in cold water as well.

I just ordered four more pairs of Lunapanties and some extra liners to make sure I have enough for the length of my period, because I am never using leaky, stinky, creepy disposable pads again.  Given that they last 3-5 years I figure it is also a pretty good investment compared to the piles of disposable pads I bought and chucked every year.  I can’t believe it took me this long to finally try them, cause now I am definitely converted.

Lunapads also has some great kits available including the above starter kit for Teens, which is pretty rad.

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