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Luna Beads VS Smart Balls

Although I have never had children, I still believe it is important to exercise my PC muscles on a regular basis. “Overtime, the vagina and its surrounding muscles on the pelvic floor can weaken, stretch, become torn and no longer offer support… Since the PC muscle also encircles the outside of the vagina, healthy PC muscles will improve sexual arousal… allow you to reach orgasm more easily, experience more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, and may even help you achieve multiple orgasms as you learn to better control and respond to your sexual arousal. Fit PC muscles also improve G-spot stimulation and can help you learn to experience G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.”–from my article: Vaginal Health and Kegel Exercises.

But, to be honest, doing PC exercises is often a drag.  Either I forget to do them, or get bored with them.  That’s where Luna Beads come in.  I have tried various other kegel exercisers before including Fun Factory’s Smart Balls [my review].  And, although I liked Smart Balls and Fun Factory toys, for me they can’t compare to Luna Beads.  Lelo, a designer of pleasure objects and the creators of Luna Beads, just seems to do everything better.  They have an intuitive knowledge of a woman’s anatomy and make “pleasure items” that just feel and work to perfection.

Luna Beads are sleek and sexy.  They are made from PC-ABS plastic that is ultra-sleek and feels like silk against the skin.  The kit (housed in an elegant and practical storage box) comes with four weighted beads (two 28 gram beads and two 37 gram beads), a silicone composition girdle (to hold the beads in place when using two in tandem), an instruction booklet to show you how to use them, a satin storage bag and a one year warranty.

Now, you are probably wondering, “why all the beads”?  This is because Lelo has designed a neat little system to use the beads based experience level and desired workout.  You can use just one bead starting at the lowest weight of 28 grams if you have never done kegels with beads before, for a “low impact” workout.  Add the second 28 gram bead to the first using the composition girdle and you have a 56 gram workout and two beads to squeeze around.  You can mix and match the beads for more challenging workouts and varying results, working your way up to the two 37 gram beads workout.  It is just an ingenious system!

What I love about Luna Beads is how they feel.  They slide in very easily with a bit of lube and are nice and small.  I found Smart Balls were a bit big for me and am much happier with the size of the Luna Beads.  They are quite perfect.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get a good work out from them, however, the workout will just be that much more comfortable.  I could actually wear these all day without worrying about them, they are so comfortable.  Plus, they are actually enjoyable to workout with.  They make kegels exercises much more exciting and pleasurable.  As a matter of fact, I used them while masturbating with a clitoral vibe (my favorite the Lily-also by Lelo) [my review].  Annie Sprinkle always promotes clenching your PC muscles while masturbating to experience bigger, better, longer, multiple orgasms and body-gasms.  Masturbating with the Luna Beads makes this much easier to do because you can concentrate on that area while feeling the balls inside you.  Well, I want to say that Annie is right (as usual) and with the help of Luna Beads I was able to have one of Annie’s mega-gasms.  Mine didn’t last five minutes like hers, but at least a minute I’m sure.  Seriously, I thank Luna Beads for helping me make this discovery.

I now try to wear Luna Beads on a daily basis, for an hour or so in the morning while drinking my tea and catching up with emails.  I have noticed my muscles seem much firmer already after only two weeks.  Before, doing kegels always seemed like a chore, but now they are such a pleasure.

Luna Beads Smart Balls
Size Small (3-1/2” x 1-2/5”) Medium (1-1/2″ x 4″)
Material ABS Plastic/Silicone Silicone
Body Friendly Yes- Phthalates free


Yes- Phthalates free


Feel Smooth and Sleek Bulky and Organic
Function Variable One Way to Use
Cleaning Simple soap and water Simple soap and water
Pluses Comes with storage box, 1 year warranty, storage bag, instructions book. Comes with instructions pamphlet and lube.
Price Posh- Double the Price of Smart Balls Affordable- Half the Price of Luna Beads

Check out Luna Beads and Smart Balls my Sex Toy Shop for all the best in quality sex toys.

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  1. Kit OConnell says:

    Great comparative review! I have my own review of Luna Beads in the works, with my pet testing them for me for a while.

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