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Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco

Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco
Director: Madison Young
Studio: Abigail Productions / Lesbian Life Productions
Distributed by: Girlfriends Films
Release Date: 2008
Cast: Madison Young, Lorelei Lee, Shawn, Carson, Jiz Lee & Dylan Ryan

Madison Young is an amazing young woman. Not only is she a bondage model who runs her own companies Madison Bound and Tied4Sex, she is an outspoken queer feminist, a writer, an artist and is the Co-Founder and Film Curator of Femina Potens, a San Francisco non-profit art gallery and performance space whose mission is to bring greater visibility to women, trans, erotic, and queer artists. Madison Young also writes and directs her own films for DVD under the production labels Abigail Productions, Lesbian Life Productions and Madison Bound, with distribution under Abigail Productions.

I was lucky enough to receive two review copies of Madison’s latest films: Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco and Perversions of Lesbian Life, Vol. 1.

Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco has a great concept. Madison Young plays a writer for a “hip lesbian magazine and her monthly article is your guide to what is the next ‘it’”. Kind of the same premise as Sex in the City, minus the fluff and with a sexy, queer lesbian slant. Oh, and real sex in the city, not just girls trying to find boyfriends to complete their miserable lives or locking themselves away with vibrators cause they have no sex life anyway. This is real sex, real women, and real hot. According to Madison, “San Francisco is known for being a hot bed for lesbian and gay culture… city of lust, love and random sexual encounters that lead to explosive orgasms.” I’m so there!

Lesbian Life features performances from some of my favorite queer, gender-bending dykes: Jiz Lee, Shawn and Dylan Ryan. I have watched their sexcapades in Pink and White Productions films by director Shine Louise Houston (Crash Pad, Superfreak) and have become a big fan of their work. Of course, they don’t make it look like work at all. The film features four scenes in various dyke hang-outs around the Bay area: a public park, a bike mechanic shop, a tattoo parlor and a lesbian cafe.

Dolores Park: Jiz Lee and Lorelei Lee

The scene begins with cutely Jiz Lee swinging on the monkey bars and hanging up-side-down, a big cat-whose-about-to-eat-the-bird grin on her face. According to Madison’s voice-over, Dolores Park is “the local ‘Dyke Park’–the perfect place to take a girl… impress her with your monkey bar skills, picnic under Palm trees, and read love poetry by Rilke.” Cut to Jiz eating strawberries and feeding them to Lorelei Lee. It doesn’t take long for these girls to get their mojo on, despite worries of being caught having sex in public. Jiz and Lorelei are both excellent performers and get down to getting each other off. My only complaint with this scene is the sound quality. Music plays throughout the entire scene and you can’t hear the nuances of the sex: the muffled moans and juicy sex sounds are non-existent. The music also doesn’t really match the outdoor atmosphere, or the jive of the performers. I found the music distracting and it removed me from the performances, so therefore, despite how hot this scene could have been, I couldn’t get into it because of that. Luckily, this is not the case with the rest of the film.

leslife1 Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco

Charlie’s Place: Lorelei Lee and Shawn

Now, this is a place I’d like to hang out. Charlie’s Place is a greasy bike mechanic shop and Shawn is the resident grease monkey. Lorelei’s car has broken down outside the shop and Shawn gallantly comes to her assistance. Not to fix her car, however, but to fix her libido. The scene starts out with a bang right away and Shawn tops Lorelei, pushing her up against a workbench. It’s not long before Shawn has Lorelei worked into a crazy frenzy and then plops her down on the floor to really give it to her good. By the end of it Lorelei is dizzy with orgasm and Shawn is covered in a sheen of sweat, muscles and wicked tattoo body work gleaming. Shawn lies back in a chair and allows Lorelei to eat and frig her to orgasm. The tempo of this scene never lets up until the last squirt and the performers’ chemistry is dynamic. If you haven’t gotten off by this scene, you will by the next.

Black and Blue Tattoo Shop: Shawn and Carson

Shawn has a broken heart and goes to get inked to commemorate it. Carson is a tough femme with a mini skirt and army boots. Where did they find this girl, she is so sexy! Obviously, Shawn thinks so too, for no sooner does Carson get gloved up, then the action takes off. In the spirit of the previous scene, the tempo is fast and furious, the chemistry incredible and the sex is orgasmic. Shawn finally ejaculates on the drawing of the tattoo, deciding after all that sex was a better fix for a broken heart. I watched this scene several times and came every time. Wicked!

Ritual Cafe: Jiz Lee and Dyan Ryan

Jiz and Dylan are online, having cyber-sex with each other, when they decide to meet in person and the local lesbian hang-out Ritual Cafe. Once they meet, Dylan suggests “my place” and off they go. Jiz conceals a strap-on under her jeans and is soon banging away on Dylan, but not before Dylan gives some great head on her silicone cock. This is followed by some great, furious fisting action by Jiz that leaves Dylan squirming and moaning wildly. After a series of multiple orgasms, Dylan pulls out a glass dildo and Jiz continues to pummel her. How many times does Dylan orgasm? I lost count. What a crazy orgasmatron she is! Dylan finishes the scene topping Jiz and pay back is bliss.

This film is outrageously hot with authentic sex scenes by real lesbians and dykes who like to fuck hard and nasty. Great chemistry between all the performers as well as hot fisting, strap-on, squirting and cunninglingus action, make this film a must see for real lesbians who want to get hot and bothered with real dyke porn. The filmmaking is beautiful, excellent camera shots and angles at sexy locations. I am very excited about reviewing Perversions of Lesbian Life, Vol. 1 and seeing more of Madison’s films. She is certainly a talented director and one to watch! The only disappointment about the film is that Madison is not in it long and she doesn’t have sex in it, but just teases us in her hot little dress. Oh, did I mention she is way hot?

Watch Lesbian Life: Real Sex San Francisco and Perversions of Lesbian Life, Vol. 1 now on VOD.

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