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Breast Pump

I have a nipple pump and two cupping sets like this vacuum cupping set, that I use for breast play.  But I’ve always wanted a Breast Pump set like the ones I’ve seen in lactating videos.  So I was pretty excited to get these babies out and try them on.

But, they were broke.  Reading a few other reviews, I see this seems to be a recurring problem, so rather than ask for a new set, I decided to review them “as is” and investigate the issue.

The Breast Pump set I received from California Exotics comes in three pieces, or at least I am assuming this, as mine came in four but was broken.

It includes:

2 cone-shaped plastic cups for the breasts (up to size D)

And, a set of flexible rubber tubing in 3 parts that leads to each cup and to the hand squeeze pump.

The contraption is set up like a Y once put together, with a tube leading to the hand pump on one end that branches into two parts, each with a black connector (release valve), then more tubing leading to each cup.

My pump was broken where the release valve of one cup was supposed to be attached to the Y branch.  The valve to the other tube/cup was very secure and glued into place.  I tried to pry it off, but it wouldn’t budge, which is how I realized the other side was broken.  On closer inspection, the small valve seemed to have a tiny piece of plastic tubing plugging it up, but when I looked at the end it was supposed to be attached to, I saw a similar piece of tubing also broken.

Why one side of the tubing/valve broke and the other side stayed together I couldn’t say.  Each cup was wrapped individually in plastic, but the pump and tubing was left loose in the box.  I suspect through shipping it must have gotten banged around until it broke.  So, my only suggestion would be to wrap it in bubble wrap or something inside the box to save it from getting bumped around.

My other quip with this product is that it doesn’t have any directions, except a photo on the box of a woman using it.  Even broken I tried to get it on me and you would most likely need help, holding the cups in place until they were suctioned and pumping the hand pump.  It would take three hands.  So, a bit finicky to try and operate by yourself.  This product also claims to be a breast pump for breast enlargement.  While it might suction the breast to look larger while in the cups (when it works), I doubt using it will increase breast size over time.  So, that is also a bit misleading.  I’m sure the majority of people who buy breast pumps do so for sexual pleasure, not enlargement, so I think the company should make more honest claims rather than prey on a vulnerable market of small breasted women who want bigger breasts (much like how penis pumps are marketed).

Anyhow…  Hopefully they will come out with a better made product and method of packaging with their breast pump, as I am still in the market for one.

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