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Kama Sutra’s Treasures of the Sea Foaming Bath Salts

My favorite Kama Sutra product is not actually a sexuality product at all.  It is Treasures of the Sea, a bath and body product, which certainly can be used together by couples in the bathtub, or will make you feel pretty sexy afterwards.

Kama Sutra’s Treasures of the Sea is a luxurious scented bath salt enriched with a blend of organic ingredients derived from dulse, kelp, sea salts and mineral oils. The bath salts come in a nice plastic tin for storage with ancient Indian-styled images of mermaids swimming through the sea. The tin contains 24.6 oz (500g) of ocean blue bath salts and a seashell scoop.

My partner and I love to share a bath together. It is a sensual time for both of us to relax and wash away the stress of the day.  Until I purchased Treasures of the Sea we used Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in our bath to soothe our tired muscles, which we always loved.  But, Treasures of the Sea is so much better than just sea salts alone.

You only need ½-1 scoop for a full size 6 foot bathtub which will turn your tub water into the color of a tropical sea, with foamy suds floating on top as a sensual, fresh aroma fills the bathroom. We use the salts about 3 times a week and a tub lasts us about two months, so pretty good value.  Magnesium sulphate, one of the ingredients of Treasures of the Sea, is used in flotation therapy which makes the body more buoyant, so you feel the weight of your limbs and body floating away.  It soothes the muscles leaving you wonderfully relaxed and your skin silky soft and sensual.  It is a must have Kama Sutra product and one of the only products I buy on a regular basis and hate to run out of.  Taking a bath without it, just isn’t the same.

Treasures of the Sea—like many of the Kama Sutra products—is designed to enhance sensual awareness and encourage intimacy. Together with other Kama Sutra products like the Oil of Love, Honey Dust or the Weekender Kit, Treasures of the Sea is a great start to a night of intimacy, pampering and sensual sex. Both my partner and I love this product and use it for a tropical get-away as near as our tub.  Which reminds me—bath night tonight!

You can purchase Treasures of the Sea at my Pop My Cherry Shop.

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    […] Sutra’s Treasures of the Sea Foaming Bath Salts for many years and love them.  In fact, when I reviewed them last year I said how they are my favorite Kama Sutra […]

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