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Iris by Lelo

iris vibrator

I <3 Lelo and pretty well every “pleasure object” they design is fantastic.  I was, however, a little unsure about how much I would like the Iris.  I already have a fabulous G-spot vibe by Lelo: the Gigi [my review].  So, I really didn’t see how they could improve on that simple, yet elegant and functional design.  However, with the Iris, they have.

For one thing, the Iris is much larger than the Gigi, both in length and girth.  So if you want to be filled up more, this would be the toy for you.  Second, the Iris features a fairly large, rounded head that feels amazing against the G-spot.  The head is coated with soft silicone, yet is firm which the G-spot adores.  You only need to move the Iris’ head in and out of the vagina opening subtly to feel that amazing “I’m going to orgasm pleasure.”  Just pumping the dildo vibe up and down will accomplish this and the handle is perfectly formed to fit comfortably in your hand. But, the most amazing thing about the Iris is that it has dual vibrating action.  I have never been one to find internal vibration all that satisfactory when using a vibe.  In truth, I usually prefer a good G-spot dildo like the Curve [my review].  However, the Iris has converted me, with the stimulating pleasure of the dual vibrations.

How do these vibrations work?  Well, let me explain.  The Iris has two vibration motors: one in the rounded head and the other down the shaft.  These vibrations work in tandem to shoot vibrations up and down the shaft, depending on which of the five cycling patterns you choose, mimicking penetrative sex.  Some of these patterns make the vibe feel like it is undulating inside of you, while others feel like a thrusting motion. Still others feel like a soft thumping sensation that works perfect for the G-spot.  These vibrations are incredibly sophisticated and all the modes feel absolutely delicious and are unique to the Iris alone.  In addition to that, the Iris has several speeds and is quite powerful on the highest setting, much more powerful in fact that most internal vibrators due to this dual vibration design.

Although the Iris is perfect for G-spot stimulation, it also feels wonderful on the vulva and massaging around and on the clitoris as a warm-up.  Although I wouldn’t call it a clitoral vibrator, and it probably would take a while to orgasm this way, it is a wonderful way to allow the toy to slowly seduce you and get you in the mood for penetration.

Like all of the Lelo products, the Iris comes with its own elegant storage box, satin storage bag, recharger, instructions and warranty.  It is one of the most unique vibrators that I have ever had the pleasure of using.  It gave me G-spot orgasms that made me cry and left me trembling and weak for minutes.  Thank you to Vibe Review for sending me the Iris to review.

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