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Durex Play O Orgasmic Gel


Durex is the largest condom company worldwide with many of the best-selling condom products on the market.  Like many condom companies, Durex has branched out with new innovative products like their “Play” line of sexual enhancing lubricants.

According to Durex “only 32% of women regularly achieve orgasm compared to 63% of men… and 17% of women rarely or never orgasm”.  Durex hopes to alleviate this problem with Play O—a sexual lubricant for women, designed to increase sensation and orgasm intensity as well as “improve frequency of orgasms”.  How does it work?  Play O Orgasmic Gel contains L’Arginine and other ingredients that are reported to increase circulation and sensitivity in the genital area, which Durex describes as “a myriad of sensations—cooling, warming and tingling—all at once.”

I have tried numerous sensitivity products for women which claim to do the same thing, with varying results.  You can see my other reviews of these products here.

I applied a good-sized blob of Play O Orgasmic Gel to my clitoris and vulva at the beginning of a masturbation session.  It took a few minutes, and then I noticed a distinct cooling sensation.  I reached orgasm quickly, about the same time as usual.  I didn’t notice any warming or tingling sensations, nor any specific increase of sensitivity or arousing sensations.  My orgasm wasn’t any better or stronger than before.  After about 10 minutes the sensation wore off.

In my experience with Play O it worked better than some products I have tried such as Kama Sutra’s Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm (which burned me) and Climax Burst Warming which did little.  However, the arousal gels I have tried that worked best include Lyriana, Flower Balm, and O’My Clitoral Stimulating Gel.  I would say that Play O is closer to the top performers than the bottom ones, so worth a try for women who want to improve clitoral stimulation by a trusted manufacturer of sexual products.

How clitoral arousal gels work is purely individual, so what may not work for me, may very well work for you.

You can try Durex Play O Orgasmic Gel at as well as the whole ‘Play’ line of sexual lubrication enhancing products.

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