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Sensation Play with Fur

Fur Tickler

Sensation play is a sensual way of touching your lover that is a wonderful form of erotic foreplay.  It can consist of tying someone up and tickling them with a feather, rubbing fur or silk over their flesh while blindfolded, pouring hot candle wax on your partner’s skin to turn up the heat, using ice cubes to awaken and entice, or applying a pinwheel or other sharp instruments of torture to add an element of danger and excitement.  Sensation play adds a level of eroticism that can bring your arousal to new heights of pleasure as you are swept away by the power of touch.

Sensation Play deals with all or a few of the senses.  I took a course in university called “Sensuous Art” and in the course we were directed to create art that used the sensual perceptions, that is, everything other than sight.

Our senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch) are the ways our bodies perceive the organic world around us.  Heightening our senses during sexual intimacy or foreplay enhances all sexual experiences and puts our bodies in tune to pleasure.  Developing all of your senses to their highest sensitivity allows you to experience the pleasures and ecstasies of sex to the extreme.


Touch is a “haptic” sense and one of the most obvious senses that enhances sensual pleasure.  Unfortunately, most people don’t spend much time on sensual exploration of touch, before rushing off to the main event.  Erotic touch produces a hormone called oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) which leads to arousal, a rush of endorphins and kick-starts our libido by producing more testosterone.  For women, touch and foreplay are especially important as women take longer to become aroused and are less stimulated visually than men.

To heighten the sense of touch, you can “remove” stimuli to the other senses.  The easiest way to do this is to use a blindfold.  Bondage also works well to take away your partner’s ability to move while under your “spell”.  Creating a sensual play space could include using soft candle light, low soft music, and incense to heighten other senses as well.


Fur Flogger

Although haptic touch can refer to pain and pleasure, most often when you think of sensual play it involves soft, sensuous touch. Fur is perfect for sensuous touch.

The Fox Fur Tickler is perfect for warm-up.  I love using a blindfold with sensation play, just so my bottom doesn’t know what is coming next.  This tickler has long soft fur that can be subtly rubbed and tickled over every part of the body, leaving your bottom shivering with delight.

Once you have them all warmed up, it’s time to turn up the heat with a bit more slap than tickle.  The Rabbit Fur Flogger is very sensuous and can be used first to stroke softly, then build up to a soft flogging.  Even people who don’t enjoy pain would enjoy this flogger as it is very timid, yet erotically sensual.

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