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Aloe Cadabra Lube Review & Giveaway

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite personal lubricants Aloe Cadabra at my sex toy shop.

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Aloe Cadabra Review

A while back I reviewed Aloe Cadabra and said it was my one of my favorite lubes and pretty well perfect.  However, a friend and fellow reviewer Kit O’Connell also reviewed this lube with his Pet, who had a very bad experience with it and got a yeast infection.

Aloe Cadabra is 95-97% all natural organic Aloe.  While it doesn’t contain parabens, sugars, chemicals or glycerins, it does contain xanthan gum (a polysaccharide used as a food additive) which may have caused Pet’s yeast infection.  The amount of xanthan gum in Aloe Cadabra is less than 5%, so a very slight amount, so I am very surprised this happened to her.   It is always good to read multiple reviews of a product from trusted sources, as one person’s experience will be different from another’s.  I highly recommend reading Kit O’Connell’s reviews as they are very honest, thorough and he always shares his personal experience.


From Aloe Cadabra:

“We’ve sought counsel from an independent medical expert (not related to Aloe Cadabra or parent companies); Noreen Mulvanerty is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinician and Master Herbalist; after reviewing some recent statements made by bloggers and conducting study into Aloe Cadabra, her findings and review are as follows:

‘Very unlikely Aloe Cadabra would be the cause of a yeast infection; there was something already seemingly brewing in the woman’s intestinal flora. The essential oils and Vitamin E are protective; the constituents in the oils supersede any sugars (and infections in the vaginal mucosa).  There is always a potential for any product to cause irritation but unlikely it could occur that quickly; as well, the woman may easily contract yeast infections: this occurrence is more than likely coincidental.'”

Still My Favorite Lube

I am obviously not prone to yeast infections and had no problem with this lube whatsoever.  In fact, it is still one of my favorite lubes and I highly recommend it to anyone who is not prone to yeast infections.  The ingredients are all natural, body safe and it contains 95 percent certified organic aloe vera, citric acid, xanthan gum (a polysaccharide used as a food additive), vanilla essential oils, potassium sorbate (a food preservative) and sodium benzoate (a preservative, which limits the growth of bacteria and fungi).  All the ingredients rated extremely low (1-2 out of 10) in the Cosmetic Database.

For me, Aloe Cadabra is still a truly superior personal lubricant made from 95% organic Aloe. Aloe Vera, as you know is a small succulent plant that has been used for its healing properties since like, forever, and records of its existence has been found on ancient Sumerian clay tablets from 2200 BC.  It was used both cosmetically and medically in ancient civilizations including Greece, Rome, Egypt and Arabia.  Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti were said to have used Aloe on their skin to enhance their beauty.

Aloe Vera contains “mannans, lectins and anthraquinones, all of which are thought to support healing and promote wellbeing.  Topical application of the gel is thought to reduce inflammation and skin irritation, by soothing the epidermis… [and] has antiseptic properties which can assist in reducing infection for minor skin complaints.”—The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Cadabra’s main ingredient is Aloe Vera, so it is incredibly soothing on the skin.  This lubricant feels very natural, just like a woman’s own body fluids and is silky smooth.  Aloe Cadabra’s formula is pH balanced to the vagina’s pH so will not disrupt the vagina’s natural environment.  It didn’t get sticky at all when I used it and lasted quite long time.  All the ingredients are food grade, so it is not harmful if ingested.  This means it is just as good for oral sex as it is for penetrative sex and masturbation.  It has no discernable flavor and a slightly clean pleasant odor.

I’d have to say that Aloe Cadabra is still pretty much a perfect lube, unless you are prone to yeast infections.

Enter to win the Aloe Cadabra by commenting below.

Good luck!

(Contest open to adult 18+ in the continental US and Canada)

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