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How to Setup an Online Sex Toy Shop to Sell Sex Toys

How to Setup an Online Sex Toy Shop to Sell Sex Toys


There’s no denying that all successful businesses are built on meritorious business ideas. If your business idea isn’t strong, you shall be coerced to move heaven and earth to acquire prospects, forge relationships, and retain customers. If you don’t choose a meritorious business idea, you’ll be in the soup, my friend.

According to Statista, the size of global sex toy market is more than 25 billion USD. At the time of writing this article, the monthly average search volume for the keyword sex toys is 370,000 in the US. Sex toys niche has been witnessing sustained success over the past few years.

A vast majority of sex toys manufacturers operate overseas. This means the overhead costs aren’t towering. The sexual values in prospering nations like the US and progressing economies like India are becoming liberal. The future is promising.

So, staring a sex toy business is not only a meritorious idea but also a profitable business idea.

In this article, you’ll learn how to start a sex toy business and how to sell sex toys.

Start Small

It’s always suggested to start small. Assess your working capital requirement. Do you have enough money to sell your own brand of sex toys or sex toy kits?

Your sex toy kit should include vibrators, dildos and lubricants. Women find them appealing. And yes, men are likely to purchase your sex toy kit for their girlfriends.

Besides reviewing local manufacturers of sex toys, make sure to review international manufacturers by seeking answers to the following questions:

  • Can you collaborate with them and work as a home-based distributor?
  • What are the different types of contracts proposed by the companies that manufacture adult sex toys?
  • Is there any minimum purchase required to be fulfilled?
  • Are the proposed adult novelties worth your time, effort and investment?
  • What’s the ROI?

Target Sub-niches

Sex toys come in different shapes and sizes. Instead of stocking and listing every type of sex toy, focus on a couple of niches – dildos and vibrators. Target no more than two sub-niches. This is the quickest and the most promising route to profits.

There are products like lubricants, natural oils, etc., that are profitable. They cater to under-served markets.

Google, the world’s smartest and advanced search engine, gives preference to niche-websites. When you target only one to two of niches, your website shall receive targeted traffic. Thanks to relevant and targeted traffic, conversion rate ramps up.

Differentiate your Sex Toys

There’s no merit in selling me-too products. In other words, differentiate your products by including body-safe ingredients.

For instance, you can sell eco-friendly sex toys. For all intents and purposes, eco-friendly sex toys are non-toxic. Another way to differentiate is to use 100% medical grade silicon sex toys.

Adhere to the Law

Is it legal to sell adult products in your country? Are there any obscenity laws?

Understand the nuances of zonal laws in your local area. To sell sex toys online, you may be requiring a business license and registration. In conservative states and nations, adult sex toys can invite the wrath of citizens and administration.

In essence, if you are operating your adult ecommerce business in an area where sex toys are outlawed, move out immediately before getting yourself stuck in legal entanglements.

Start a Blog

Wondering what to include in your blog?

There are many things to include in your blog. If you are a creative story writer with exceptional story-telling skills, you can write erotic fiction stories. Introduce concepts such as BDSM, voyeurism, LGBTQ, etc., that promote the use of sex toys.

You can review different types of sex toys, educate your audience and promote your products.

There’s a big audience that’s into sadomasochism. For your information, sadomasochism is the thrill or enjoyment of inflicting pain. Explore and exploit this niche.

Use a variety of niches like bondage, foot fetish, voyeurism, humiliation, roleplay, urophilia, etc.

In a vast majority of American schools, sex education is not taught holistically. You can enlighten and empower your audience by teaching holistically. Slowly and steadily, keep promoting your sex toys.

Use Private Labeling

The key to acquiring loyal customers is to lend exclusivity to your brand. The best way to lend exclusivity is to use private labeling.

In other words, prepare designs of sex toys that are body-friendly, or hire a designer to create professional designs, collaborate with manufacturers, get sex toys manufactured, and start selling from your online sex toy shop.

More often than not, private labels yield better profits and higher yields. This is the fun part of embarking on entrepreneurial journey!

Go Online

We are living in the 21st century. You should drive your sex toy business through your ecommerce website.

Your adult ecommerce store should have revenue collection channels like credit and debit cards, and payment gateways like CCBill.

A mobile responsive website that’s loaded with features that sort, filter products, with admin functionality will maximize your sales.

Your website should be able to support multiple vendors as well. And yes, cross-border trade can become a huge concern if there are no dropshippers. If your adult sex toys marketplace is bundled with a dropshipping API, cross-border commerce concerns can be addressed.

To add large volumes of new sex toys, and bulk upload massive volumes of product descriptions, an XML / CSV importer is required. Customers should be able to read the rating and reviews of sex toys.

Also, your website should have a functionality that generates coupon codes to your loyal audience.

Instead of hiring a web developer or a tech wizard, you can start your own sex toys store by purchasing an adult e-commerce website script like xMarketplace. Starting a sex toys business with xMarketplace is easy as it has many growth hacking features. Site customization is a breeze. Installation is free.

Drive Traffic

There are various proven ways to drive traffic. Promote your sex toys store on various discussion forums and adult-content friendly social networking platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Run adult PPC campaigns. Embrace adult media buying.

That’s it. You now know how to start a sex toys business and how to sell sex toys. Keep tracking your results. Take feedback from your customers. Be consistent. Success is yours. Cheers!

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