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That Awkward Chat – When Dating Should Become Exclusive

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The no-strings-attached culture in dating is absolutely nothing new. Since the empowering social change of the 1960s more and more people have been searching around for someone special. No longer do we settle for anything less than a spectacularly sparkling flame.

With smartphone dating apps, such as Tinder, rising in popularity, dating has almost become nothing more than a self-satisfying way to pass time. This can make it really difficult for men and women to know when to talk to their partner about becoming exclusive. Is there a right time to tackle the subject of exclusivity, and when exactly is it?

When is it time to ditch the dating scene?

Rather than pushing forward from the start of a relationship, it’s always better to let things grow organically. Chat online, meet up once or twice, and see how it goes. More often than not, when you’ve met your match, there will usually come a time when it just feels right to break away from the dating scene and start to settle down.

That being said, not all relationships follow a similar path. And with contemporary culture insisting that the norm is to date multiple people at once, it can be hard to know when to approach the issue with a new partner.

Before delving into in-depth discussions, run the reality of your relationship over in your mind. Do you feel as though things are still ‘no-strings’ for you? How are you both acting within the relationship? Have either of you shown any signs of commitment, which suggest you may be ready to take the next step?

Ultimately, the subject is bound to be brought up at some point in the future. When the time arises, be clear. It is best to be upfront about what you want from your relationship. Perhaps you can’t picture a future together? If that’s the case, now is definitely the time to say so. If you’re not ready for a serious commitment, you might as well meet other people and have a naughty chat on My Sex Hookups or other adult meeting places. At least you’re being honest about your intentions, and you’re saying upfront that you’re not ready to ditch the dating scene just yet.

How do you move forwards into a committed relationship?

Generally speaking, this is when it’s time to go with your gut. Trust your instincts, think about your needs and wants; what do you expect from a committed relationship?

If you’re serious, then it’s time to cut ties with any old flames. Deleting numbers from your exes is a great place to start. Removing any inappropriate Facebook friends is advisable too. If you’re not used to the monogamous lifestyle, it always helps to turn things on their head. Ask yourself how you would feel if your partner did what you were about to do. If you feel even a tinge of unhappiness or guilt, chances are, it’s an idea to kick to the curb.

Worries aside, when most couples find the one they want to go the distance with, ditching the dating lifestyle will be a breeze. After all, why look elsewhere when you already have everything you ever wanted right beside you?

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