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Could You Be Happy With an Open Relationship?

open relationship

If your partner suggested seeing other people, how would you feel? It could depend on the context; if they were suggesting it because the relationship was going downhill, you could well feel that that’s their way of moving towards a break-up. However, if they seem to love you, and want to be with you, what does it mean if they’re expressing an interest in sleeping with other partners?

In some cases, it could be that they aren’t ready to commit to your relationship, or they aren’t mature enough for a monogamous partnership. However, for some people it’s simply a way of expressing their sexuality, so it doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is on the rocks. How do you know what the truth is for your situation, and could you live happily in an open relationship?

Communication is essential in getting to the truth. If you have a good relationship, then communication is the foundation of your union, and you need to talk through the whole issue with your partner. Ask all the questions on your mind, and tell them what concerns you about the idea. Once you’ve discussed the possibility in full, you have the information you need to make a decision on how to proceed.

  1. If the idea repels you and you see no way of accommodating your partner’s wishes, don’t feel you have any obligation to give it a try just because you love them. You could make yourself miserable and suffer emotional distress if you agree to an arrangement that you aren’t happy with, and that’s no basis on which to build a future together.
  2. On the other hand, maybe the thought excites you and you’d like to give it a go. Sexuality is a highly personal issue and if you’re not causing any harm to anyone else, the way you choose to express your sexuality is no-one else’s business. If you’re keen to try an open relationship, make sure you have some ground rules in place so you both know what is ok and what isn’t.

Taking the full step to having sex with other people is quite a leap, so if you want to ease into it a bit more gently, consider using an escort service the first few times. It can be easier to accept, especially if you still have reservations. Take out an escort for a date to practice your social skills, and you will be able to work out if your relationship can manage one of you spending some time with another person. You can find out more about booking escorts in Manchester and other locations on escort websites.

It could well be that you feel conflicted about the idea of an open relationship; on the one hand wanting a traditional monogamous partnership, but on the other curious about the excitement of adding an illicit aspect to your love life. Only you can decide what to do. You may want to give it a try, on the understanding that if you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of it, the experiment ends straight away.

Some people find that open relationships work very well for them, but to be happy with this sort of arrangement, it has to be something you feel comfortable with and that doesn’t give rise to any negative feelings.

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