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G Twist

Designed by Fun Factory—creators of high quality silicone sex toys—the G Twist‘s design is based on feedback from sex toy store consultants who wanted to build a sex toy that women would love.  And, that they did.  Apart from its powerful vibration, the G Twist would be an amazing toy even if it didn’t buzz at all.  That is due to its deliciously curving shaft and sculpted ridges that make it perfectly designed for G-spot stimulation.  Add the powerful buzz and you have a G-spot vibrator that is super-fantastic.

If you have followed any of my past reviews on sex toys, you would know that I usually prefer clitoral stimulation over vaginal penetration.  A few toys have become close contenders, but I have never enjoyed any of my dildo vibes over my clit vibes.  That was until now.  I am perfectly enamored with my new G Twist.  It feels truly amazing.

First of all the texture is soft, velvety silicone that feels so close to the smooth skin of a penis, that if I didn’t know better, I’d think my hand had grown a new appendage.  Second, the flexible yet firm length and solid girth are the perfect size, large enough for most women, yet not too intimidating.  Thirdly, the bulbous head is nicely sculpted and feels very realistic, while being immaculately curved to hit the G-spot perfectly, or penetrate deeply.  Last but not least, the ridged bumps feel incredible giving added sensation, making me finally understand the allure of Rasputin and his lumpy dick.

In addition, this vibe features a nub at the base that is designed for clitoral stimulation.  I didn’t find that it did much for me however, as I wanted to thrust with it, rather than hold it in one place.  For clitoral stimulation I find I prefer a constant, although variable vibration, rather than a touch and go type of stimulation.  That said, I have not found a vibe yet that has accomplished satisfactory clitoral and penetrative stimulation together in one package, except for perhaps Rabbit Vibes (but then, only when using less thrusting).  But, this vibe is perfect for penetrative masturbation and G-spot stimulation and you will not just want to let it sit there.  Oh, no, those lovely bumpy Rasputin ridges are made for thrusting and rubbing the inner wall of the vagina and G-spot until you grow weak with pleasure and swoon with orgasm.

Now for the vibration.  The G Twist is very easy to control via an ergonomic dial that turns both ways ranging from soft subtle buzzing to near Hitachi Magic Wand intensity and power.  That’s right.  This vibe’s power is amazing for a penetration sex toy and I’ve never had a vibrating dildo with such orgasm-shattering power.

It is also splash-proof (not water proof though) so the non-porous silicone is super easy to clean with mild soap and water.  The vibe also comes with free batteries and a sachet of water-based lubricant that I found pleasant to use as well.

Though it may never replace my clit vibes, this vibe is my new addiction, giving me wild orgasmic pleasure again and again.  I mean, what’s not to like about it, with its beautiful bumpy ridges and bulbous curved head?  Even Rasputin would have been jealous!

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